Roundup: New Graphics Cards from $100 to $260, or How Much for FPS?

Xbit: "The most difficult shopping decision you have to make when purchasing a new gaming computer is what graphics card to choose. The CPU's performance ceased to be a limitation long ago. Today, a $100 CPU will do just fine for a majority of gaming applications. It is even simpler with system memory and hard disk drives: it is the amount of memory and disk space that is important for games in general. With the memory and HDD prices we have today, there is no problem in getting as much of either as you want. So, the only component left to choose is the graphics card – the main part of a gaming computer that directly determines the latter's speed and your gaming experience.

That's why in this review I will describe four new graphics cards (and test a total of nine graphics cards/configurations) priced at $100 to $260 and will try to figure out what performance benefits, in what games and for what money you can get by spending more and more for your graphics subsystem."

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