Halo 3's mystery X button function revealed

To celebrate the announcement of the multiplayer Beta date, Bungie have released their second Halo 3 Vidoc entitled "Is Quisnam Protero Damno!" - catchy huh?

But despite featuring Alpha footage of the multiplayer in action, many of you have been left scratching your heads - just what does the elusive X-button function actually do?

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fukuba74269d ago

yea i saw the guy deploying the Shield and Mine in the video, that was sick- even though its not 100% clear that that's what the X button does, it's a neet idea.
I really hope we'll also be able to pick up static objects too (like crates and fusion cores) allowing you to create temporary staircases to windows and platforms of bases.

Bonsai12144269d ago

they didn't really show what it did.. i'm guessing that the trip mine and shield grenade are selectable types of grenades...

but on the flip side, am i the only one who thought the gameplay and graphics weren't that impressive? i know its not finalized yet, but from the screens i've seen, i was expecting a lot more...

plus, did anyone see the bugged melee shotgun at the end? weak..

shotty4269d ago

I felt the graphics were really nice, you can tell the difference when they flash between Halo 2 footage and the alpha footage. I didnt notice the shotgun bug, but it was alpha footage so that should be expected, alpha is the first attempt at putting the game together.

Smellslikepie4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

'All of the game footage in this doc was taken during the Alpha stage and isn’t even representative of what you’ll see in the Public Beta, let alone the final game. You will see frame rate skips, unfinished animation and graphical features that will change come Fall. All the footage is clearly marked Alpha. You’re looking at the features here folks, not the final quality bar – which we’ve set pretty high. Your next taste of that will be in May. '

grifter0244269d ago

Yes looking at the ALPHA graphs compared to the finished Halo 2 Graphs their is a lot of difference... The game is going to look good cant wait... Yes I saw the Bugged Shotgun But did you see... The lunge is coming back... Hopefully its a little more stable this time around... The BR looks really nice but im not really going to like the Bubble Nade.. If I can shoot the guy from behind and get a jump on him then he shouldnt be able to save himself...Cant wait... The Assault Rifle looks pretty good the new SMG .. Pretty good but the Nades look like you can barely throw them... Hopefully they put more jungle and outdoor maps.. I really like the jungle... Cant wait.

Marriot VP4269d ago

well I'll give it a try, I'm up for anything that'll mix up the gameplay. And Bungie mentioned that your custom games will have a huge variety of customization so you could take these off I bet.

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