Saboteur Interview

Pandemic, the makers of military infused titles such as Full Spectrum Warrior and Mercenaries, is stepping up with their upcoming title, Saboteur. The main character of the game is not a soldier or a gun for hire; instead, he's an average everyday Joe thrust into extraordinary circumstances and a quest for revenge. Based off the real life actions of William Grover-Williams, a Bugatti racer who joined the SOE and French Resistance after the Nazis occupied France, Saboteur will combine the open world environments that Pandemic has become known for with stealth action gameplay to create a new World War II experience. While players won't level Paris or its surrounding suburbs, there will be plenty of large explosions from detonated railways, zepplins and other Nazi targets to satisfy action fans.

IGN managed to get an interview with Saboteur Director Trey Watkins and Producer Phil Hong to discuss some of the aspects of the game. Interested in details of the main character, the plot or the combat mechanics? What about the unique visual style or the scale of the game? For those answers and more, read on.

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