Over G Fighters TeamXbox Review

TeamXbox has now reviewed the recently rleased flight simulator Over G Fighters.

"Feeling the need for speed on a console is a bit tougher than one would expect; there simply aren't a lot of flying titles that instill the "G" sensation. Taito is aiming to change all of that nonsense though, recently releasing World Airforce under the Over G Fighters moniker here in the states.

There have been a decent amount of flying games for the old-school Xbox, but for some reason, they were all steeped in WWII tradition. Over G Fighters is the first, high-profile modern flyer for a Microsoft console, and I expect it to be the only higher-tech Xbox 360 flight sim for quite awhile. This means if you've been jonesing for a little air superiority, then you finally have a fix in Over G Fighters. I'm not going to call Over G Fighters the purest G fix out there, but it is a thorough fix nonetheless."

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Zaskark56558d ago

A real review is here!! but is it 2 player?

TMoney6558d ago

...but after that review...not so much. A playable demo could convince me to buy it...or not. The "Blazing Angels" playable demo convinced me of the latter. If "Over G" was priced at $39.99 I would pick it up, but $60 for a not-so-next gen game is out of the question. Either way, I guess I'll save my money until "Chromehounds".

The Real Deal6558d ago

Its a mixed bag in my opinion. I personlly loved it. Yes its multiplayer but not Co op. Team death match, Ranked, ect...if you are looking for an aracade flight game like warhawk for the ps3...you will not be happy with it. Its more of a sim first...acrcade second type of game. And it runs best on 1080i rather than 720p. You get to take off from ground and ships...you have to land...and I crashed a few times before I mastered landing those powerful jets...I loved it. And the graphics are top notch for what it is....its a flight combat sim...The screen isn't filled with textures and polygons...but the clouds look like clouds...the buildings and aircraft look like buildings and aircraft...lol...I mean everything looks like you would expect if you were 1000's of feet in the air. Landing gives you the feel like you are really in control and landing a jet. Same with taking off...Combat takes a second to master but its fun once you get it. The lighting is nice and I really enjoyed multiplayer. I played against some friends and it was pretty fun. So...Remember if you get it. Its not an arcade flight game...its more sim heavy...So this way you go into it with your eyes open. I love it. With my surround sound in my house It really feels like and sounds like I'm in a Jet fighter...Pretty cool...

Lucidmantra6558d ago

A simulator to me is Falcon 3.0 or FS2002. This is a arcadey game with the control scheme, but I am glad you enjoy it. Everything I posted in my review in the release news article is how I feel about it. It is not enough in certain places but adaquate in other mearly. Overall normal fare but nothing outstanding. The jets control slow that is all that needs to be said.

Lucidmantra6558d ago

I guess my 15 years being a gamer doesnt qualify me to review a game huh Omar. ONE PLAYER only anyways since you asked.

shlubby6556d ago

I'm content I bought the title even though I payed $114 au for it. It's worth it from where Im sitting. I like simulators , nothing to complex , easy to pick up. Graphics are good very impressed with realizim. No doubt 1080i picture quality is the best. I can just go for a flight and admire the scenary , do tricks in the planes and test em out doing bombing runs and so. Online is good if your good. I have been blownup numerous times without even a warning beep. But its ok, I have confidence my 20 years of gaming experience will suffice.


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Emilio_Estevez4332d ago

Almost bought one of these the other day, I should have :(


The Top Five Worst Xbox 360 Exclusives Ever

NowGamer: There's some superb games available exclusively on 360, but for every classic, there's a duffer...

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mcslick1015105d ago

Two Worlds wasn't that bad! If anything Too Human was the worst or ODST or Halo in general :P.

qface645105d ago

whaaaaaa odst is only 4 hours long!!
i was thinking of getting it on ebay dang well might as well go with my second choice (dragon quest 9)

AtatakaiSamurai5105d ago

Why why why do we love to fall for these bull crap type "top ten games my ass likes or not likes or whatever just click on my site" 'articles'

It's like flies to crap. I saw this and then 10mins later it was over 300degrees lol why do we do this to ourselves? lol

Anon19745105d ago

There's no other way to explain these opinions. Halo ODST. Short, maybe, but "worst of"? Come on! Too Human and Two Worlds worst crimes were being merely average. His worst of PS3 list is just as head shaking.

Don't give this site your hits. There's no thought put in here at all.

HolyOrangeCows5105d ago

ODST was short and it's only multiplayer addition lacked matchmaking but I'm still not sure that it deserves to be titled the 5th worst 360 game.

BigPenguin5105d ago

Two worlds is the Lair of the 360. Both pretty cool games that got trashed for really nothing.

Lair's motion controls were fine, people mistook strait up and down with pivoting along their elbows. I know I did at first, but the moment I realized it(2 hours in, I can see why others had trouble, needed a better control tutorial) I never made that mistake again.

I have to think a lot of reviewers got a beta copy or something of two worlds, because when I got it, it was not nearly as buggy as they accused it of being. I also did not follow any pre-release hype, so I don't think I got the let down feeling that many people got.

bioshock12215105d ago (Edited 5105d ago )

Seems like Nowgamer is just looking for easy hits. ODST being one of the worst you gotta be kidding me. There are far worst games out there ODST is a great game. But this is what I have to expect from Nowgamer this website shouldn't be taken seriously. They also listed Mag as one of the worst PS3 games yeah definitely should not be taken seriously.

jakethemuss5105d ago

Two Worlds was alright and Too Human wasn't overly bad just not what I expected.

I think the list could have been made better, rather than just name drop to get hits. (Same could be said about the similar ps3 list)

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BeaArthur5105d ago

Yeah, although I did find myself a little addicted to Two Worlds, that game was a technical mess. I bet there is a crappier title than ODST out there, I doubt they really did their research and just grabbed the first 5 out of the ones they have played or are familiar with.

Inside_out5105d ago (Edited 5105d ago )

I really enjoyed Halo ODST. Apparently, so did nearly 6 million other gamers...ARTICLE FAIL...I thought the story was great with all the flashbacks and taped additions. The sub machine gun and pistol made for a AWESOME combination, I hope Reach has them. Driving around the burnt out city with a mongoose was great fun, once I found it. The soundtrack was as haunting and beautiful as any in gaming...ADD Firefight, which was an entire new Multi-player horde mode...ALL the Multi-player maps +4 with all the features that make Halo legendary and you had one of the best packages around. ODST sold more than UC 1 and 2 COMBINED...Nowgamer, what do you expect.

Too Human ran into Unreal problems, A likely excuse to continue to milk M$. They had to port all there game data to another engine. Pretty dumb on their part. I think those lawsuits are still pending. That was suppose to be a trilogy...lol...I don't think M$ wants anything to do with them...

MisterNiwa5105d ago

Many people buy it, equals good game?
So if one million people buy Leisure Suit Larry, is it good?

Shadow Of Colossus did not sell very well, so did Ico, still games that are million times better than a game that sold a lot more than these two tiles.

Dude, start playing games and not sales.

Robearboy5105d ago

Well if ODST is in the bottom 5 then the 360 worse exclusives aint bad at all, odst was fun but short and 80% plus on the metacritic gives a bit of a clue that it wasnt that bad

PS3Freak5105d ago

You think that all 6 million of those people enjoyed it? Sales aren't everything.

N4PS3Fanboys5105d ago

20 disagrees from people who haven't played the game. This site is an odd one. You know you're intelligent if you get Disagrees and you know you're a PS3 fanboy if you get Agrees.

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AAACE55105d ago

I don't really like ODST or Too Human, but there are other titles that can take the place of those!

Anon73495105d ago Show
ThanatosDMC5105d ago

There was that Vampire game that was pure $h!t.

Cueil5105d ago

that game was eventually ported to the PS3... Hour of Victory was a real stinker, but there are others that could should be here

ThanatosDMC5105d ago

I hope crappy games like that wont start flooding the 360/PS3 because of motion control. Wii has so much shovel ware it's insane.