Over G Fighters TeamXbox Review

TeamXbox has now reviewed the recently rleased flight simulator Over G Fighters.

"Feeling the need for speed on a console is a bit tougher than one would expect; there simply aren't a lot of flying titles that instill the "G" sensation. Taito is aiming to change all of that nonsense though, recently releasing World Airforce under the Over G Fighters moniker here in the states.

There have been a decent amount of flying games for the old-school Xbox, but for some reason, they were all steeped in WWII tradition. Over G Fighters is the first, high-profile modern flyer for a Microsoft console, and I expect it to be the only higher-tech Xbox 360 flight sim for quite awhile. This means if you've been jonesing for a little air superiority, then you finally have a fix in Over G Fighters. I'm not going to call Over G Fighters the purest G fix out there, but it is a thorough fix nonetheless."

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Zaskark56183d ago

A real review is here!! but is it 2 player?

TMoney6183d ago

...but after that review...not so much. A playable demo could convince me to buy it...or not. The "Blazing Angels" playable demo convinced me of the latter. If "Over G" was priced at $39.99 I would pick it up, but $60 for a not-so-next gen game is out of the question. Either way, I guess I'll save my money until "Chromehounds".

The Real Deal6183d ago

Its a mixed bag in my opinion. I personlly loved it. Yes its multiplayer but not Co op. Team death match, Ranked, ect...if you are looking for an aracade flight game like warhawk for the will not be happy with it. Its more of a sim first...acrcade second type of game. And it runs best on 1080i rather than 720p. You get to take off from ground and have to land...and I crashed a few times before I mastered landing those powerful jets...I loved it. And the graphics are top notch for what it is....its a flight combat sim...The screen isn't filled with textures and polygons...but the clouds look like clouds...the buildings and aircraft look like buildings and mean everything looks like you would expect if you were 1000's of feet in the air. Landing gives you the feel like you are really in control and landing a jet. Same with taking off...Combat takes a second to master but its fun once you get it. The lighting is nice and I really enjoyed multiplayer. I played against some friends and it was pretty fun. So...Remember if you get it. Its not an arcade flight game...its more sim heavy...So this way you go into it with your eyes open. I love it. With my surround sound in my house It really feels like and sounds like I'm in a Jet fighter...Pretty cool...

Lucidmantra6183d ago

A simulator to me is Falcon 3.0 or FS2002. This is a arcadey game with the control scheme, but I am glad you enjoy it. Everything I posted in my review in the release news article is how I feel about it. It is not enough in certain places but adaquate in other mearly. Overall normal fare but nothing outstanding. The jets control slow that is all that needs to be said.

Lucidmantra6183d ago

I guess my 15 years being a gamer doesnt qualify me to review a game huh Omar. ONE PLAYER only anyways since you asked.

shlubby6181d ago

I'm content I bought the title even though I payed $114 au for it. It's worth it from where Im sitting. I like simulators , nothing to complex , easy to pick up. Graphics are good very impressed with realizim. No doubt 1080i picture quality is the best. I can just go for a flight and admire the scenary , do tricks in the planes and test em out doing bombing runs and so. Online is good if your good. I have been blownup numerous times without even a warning beep. But its ok, I have confidence my 20 years of gaming experience will suffice.