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"Ask me what the best videogame console of all time is. Go ahead. Just ask. It's the PlayStation 2 - hands down. I suppose a solid argument could be made for the Super Nintendo, NES, or the classic Atari 2600, but for a variety of reasons, I think Sony's absolutely superior console topped them all with room to spare. There's a good reason that after almost nine years on the market, major publishers are still releasing key franchise games on the system. It's a monster, a high watermark in home videogames."

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You Already Know3509d ago

the price point isn't just due to a slide up's also the 16GB HD space...

I'm sure they'll come with something else to make it worth the price point they mentioned because at this point it just seems like a ripoff to me...

I mean it has a smaller screen and takes away the physical media aspect...and they are adding skype, so maybe the PSP GO will handle the apps better than the current PSP?...

I guess we'll find out soon enough..

Bob Dole3509d ago

Too bad. Taking out the UMD will limit the amount of games you can play on it. Bob Dole agrees with you on the price being too high. He could fill that 16gb up in a heartbeat.

Syronicus3509d ago

That is why they are not selling it in place of the PSP but rather side by side. I like the idea of the PSPgo but will just stick with my PSP 2000. I will eventually buy one but at the moment, I am fine with the one I got. The one thing that I really like about the PSPgo is the BT compatibility. You can use the Dual SHock 2 with it and a BT headset for SKYPE. Now those are a couple reasons to get excited about. As far as games, we will have to wait and see what games come for DLC and then judge later.

Close_Second3508d ago

...aint it great that the PSP Go also supports the Micro SD card as well then.

Chris3993508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

- Re-invigorates the PSP image. Developer and consumer interest has definitely increased since the announcement.
- Creates a "value proposition" in the consumer's mind. Just like looking at different SKUs in the 360 lineup, consumers feel that they have "choice". (Which, as a consumer, we actually have very little, we "choose" from various options that are fed to us by the market.)
- The hardware is likely being sold for a signifigantly higher margin without the UMD drive and in consideration of the price.

This all amounts to more profits for Sony's Gaming Division (or whatever it was called after the restructuring). Too many people are giving their opinions on the device without a second thought to how a BUSINESS should be run. I expect that the PSPGo will sell to digital enthusiasts first, just like the original PS3. Sales will be decent but not stellar. This will still generate a sizable quantity of income and there is also a "budget" model of PSP available on the market too.

I think that the revenue from the PSPGo will be used to cut the price of the PS3 assuming they're still on track for their 13 million sales for this year. If everything goes as planned, this could be the year that Sony pulls out of the red in their electronics and services division.

It's very clever business, if you look at it objectively, not "OMG wadda I do wif muh UMDs and iz so expensif!" (And there will be some sort of UMD transfer option, apparently, and there is still a cheaper 3000 on the market, so both those points are moot.)

Edit: Oh, and the article talks about the success of the Iphone with it's smaller, budget price apps. There was an article on N4G not two days ago that discussed Sony approaching developers for just those sort of games. People really need to do their homework before spewing off ANOTHER random internet rant.

Edit #2: @ Below. Yeah, they weren't very specific, but Sony reps have stated that they are "actively" looking at ways for customers to get their old UMD games onto a new PSPGo. That pretty much sold me on one right there. Whether it's a voucher, or tied to your account (like Live Originals) or an actual transfer cable to PSP/ PS3 (that would link the game to your PSN account or something), they have a lot of options. I'm fairly certain it will be a "link to account" sorta deal. Won't change resells much, they will just have to test the game on a PSP at EB/ Gameshack/ whatever before taking the game, to make certain that it's not tied to any particular PSN account.

Bob Dole3508d ago

Didn't know there was a UMD transfer. That's pretty nifty.

xabmol3508d ago

Ya, it's totally great that they ditched the ProDuo. Now I can just throw my extra 12 gigs of storage away and buy it all over again.


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skatezero2463509d ago

yea I agree it's kinda high but I think it's a fair trade for some saved gas considering I don't have to drive to a store to get a new game

RememberThe3573509d ago

Price is nothing that b*tching about will fix. We can b*tch about features (or lack there of) and if we're loud enough Sony will listen. But when it comes to price, Sony is not listening. The PS3 is a prime example. They are pricing the PSP Go this way for a reason, and those reasons are their own. If you don't like it, do like I do, and don't buy it.

MajestieBeast3508d ago

im buying a 3000 model hope they release the monster hunter psp fast. It still looks like a very stylish device but since sony refuses to release psn cards in europe im screwed.

Percy3508d ago

he obviously has not played many of thoses 99 cent games or he would not use them as a argument. I have yet to find a good one Thats not to say there are no games worth playing on the iphone i'm just saying you get what you pay for. seems like this person is just poor and can't afford to get a new psp so he is going to cry about it.

TapiocaMilkTea3508d ago

Totally no point comparing $.99 games to PSN games, you get a lot more quality games on the PSN with better graphics and a whole library of PSOne classics.
I do agree that the price point of the PSP Go is a little expensive. But that is something consumers have control over, if the device doesn't sell, it will drop in price, simple Econ basics. If you want it bad enough you will buy it if you don't then you will wait until the price is right for you, no point in complaining about it.

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