5 inexpensive Wii games that don't suck

Europe-Nintendo writes "It's a sad fact, but it's true. Every single game developer has to get on the Wii bandwagon, and rush out a crappy game for all of the unsuspecting casual gamers to buy. With all of those bad games, sometimes it can be hard to tell when one gets released that's actually good. So, here's a list of 5 Wii games that are good, and there's a chance that you actually didn't play it (No Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc.). And as an added bonus, all of the games below are currently selling at $30 or less."

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Smacktard5224d ago

I weep for the lack of Mercury Meltdown Revolution on this list.

TheDeadMetalhead5224d ago

Hmmm. I should take a look at that game. :O

kunit22c5223d ago

i think Boom Blox and Boom Blox bash party could have been on there. Boom Blox $30 Boom Blox Bash Party $40

Gesus5224d ago

A neat list. De Blob wins!

resistance1005223d ago

How did Red Steel make it on that list, it was crap. RS2 looks good however.

desolationstorm5223d ago

it was a crap game but if you picked it up at BB for $8 it wasnt a bad deal. Made the game a bit better

TheMART5223d ago

But they still aren't great either...

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