First 'Crash' Screenshots in Test Drive Unlimited

Four fresh screens of the crash damage in Test Drive Unlimited for Xbox 360 the M.O.O.R. title coming this fall.

DG6204d ago

Is it just me or do the cars not have any damadge on them? Whats the point of crashing then?

DOLBY DI GA TAL pf6204d ago

Still cool!, they did it for a reason it would be a waste with a game this big and complex. You sound like a Sony fan trying to get smart. Pasted Mountains and some dirt, don't make Motor Storm any more complex than this game.

shotty6204d ago (Edited 6204d ago )

Ya there is no damage on Player vehicles but AI vehicles have complete damage. And the cops chase you and give you tickets for crashes. They explained why their was no damage for Player vehicles. They said how the game is a MOOR with thousands of people in one city. So imagine you spent half a million buying a ferrari enzo and someone jerk with a sh1t box rams it and now you are stuck with a wreaked enzo that set you back half a mill. They said they would rather have the player focus on racing then keeping their car in mint condition. This game is not like PGR 3 where you are confined to a race track. Instead it takes the Oblivion path and has over 1000 miles of track and you can even drive through fields, drive off cliffs into water or drive into a parklot or just stop driving and goto a dealership get off your car and take a walk around and walk around the new cars and even get in. Ya that was a run on sentence. Anyways this game is suppose to be a lifesytle game centered around cars and racing. There are 65 houses and mansions that can be bought. There are famous clothing and accesory stores like marc's ecko so you can pimp out your character. Or you can visit you local car garage and get some after market tuning on your cars.

Cyclonus6204d ago

Don't forget the motorcycles.

Shadow Flare6204d ago

where are the crashes? the few screenshots that had a hint of a crash in them are strangly remeniscent of burnout 3. Freakin huge sparks everywhere lol. Still the car graphics are good. I used to have test drive 2, 4 and 5 on the megadrive and psone and they were great games. This should be good aswell

DG6204d ago

Sony fan...isnt the game coming out on both systems even if not the fact that there are no damadge to the cars has nothing to do with PS3 or Motorcross. You seem more like an XBUG...Chill...Oppinions are like a$.holes they stink and everyone should keep it to themself.

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