Ghostbusters Video Game Box Backs & Specs

Spook Central wrote: "On Friday I'll post a little bit of information on the DRM found on the PC version (yes, it has DRM), and some random information on what I found on the PC disc and what the PC's readme file tells you that you need to know before buying that version. It's rather crummy that Atari is forcing the DRM on us PC gamers, while also giving us the stripped down version - no online multiplayer co-op (or any online activities at all!) and no downloadable content for the PC version - while PS3 and Xbox gets it all! Apparently Atari forgets that PC gaming INVENTED those features!"

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UltimateIdiot9115280d ago

*weep silently on PC spec requirements*

Guess I'll have to wait for the PS3 version to be cheaper.

DeadGirls5279d ago

Now that I know the PC version is sh1t that saves me from ever having to think about this game again.


Ghostbusters Remastered Xbox One Review - AbsoluteXbox

Matt writes: "10 years ago Ghostbusters The Video Game was released on Xbox 360. A decade later the remaster has been released. We review Saber Interactive's latest game."

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Review - Ghostbuster The Video Game Remastered (Switch) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Todd Eggleston: "Ghostbusters The Video Game is nostalgia done right, and puts you right back in 1984. It isn’t a masterpiece of a game, and neither was the movie, but it reminds us again that it is ok for entertainment to just be entertaining. It is a game that deserves to be remastered and remembered. And 35 years later, it also serves to remind us that a remaster doesn’t always need to be Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott. Sometimes, Ray Parker Jr. is exactly who you need to call."

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Active Quest Episode 43: Okami 2, Congress Sends Statement to Blizzard, and Hentai?

Joseph, Josh, and Chris discuss Fortnite Season 2, Okami 2, and the continuing Blizzard controversy.

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