High resolution Max Payne 3 scans

See Max Payne on the high resolution scans from the latest Game Informer!

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Silber5282d ago

The look of Max is somewhat strange, but iam sure it fits to his story. The Pictures looks great. Looks like Improved Resident Evil Graphics:)

Cant wait for this Game!

celldomceen15282d ago

i love max payne and cant wait for this game. I keep reading people complain about the way it looks. not sure why the game looks like it will be great.

celldomceen15282d ago

its funny you say that i did that on another forum.

outlawlife5282d ago

the likeness is uncanny, as soon as i saw the screen it is what i thought of

Fishy Fingers5282d ago (Edited 5282d ago )

PS3 - 360 - PC

themyk5282d ago

oh ok. never mind i'll pass it's gonna suck then.

just kidding. i just felt like being an ass for a second.

ShabzS5282d ago

hehe.. good job man ... it actually worked there for a second