Activision quiet X360 Quake 3

Software's publishing partner Activision has remained quiet on rumours that Quake III will be heading to 360, refusing to comment on "rumour and speculation".

The idea popped into the Internet hive-mind after the ESRB site produced a listing for the game on Microsoft's console. The entry suggests it's being handled by Pi Studios, which has previously been tasked with developing a map editor for Halo 2 Vista, as well as console versions of Mercenaries 2 and the Call of Duty 2 series.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4267d ago

I will buy this and most classic PC games.

mishmosh4267d ago

Q3A was so smooth and the gameplay was so frenetic. A timeless classic. I am sure that pulling classic maps and user created maps would equal won outrageous package. However, the game is dated and no one would accept this as a new retail release--it would need to be XBLA to be viable. Question is, can they make it fit under the newly upgraded XBLA max size limits? I believe they can in this age of texture compression.

Covenant4266d ago

God, I hope this happens...but ONLY if they enable online multiplayer. Nothing is more fun than grabbing quad-damage and a rocket launcher and watching the gibs fly ten feet in the air. Or beating somebody down with your melee weapon..."humiliation,&qu ot; indeed!

I still fire this one up on my PC from time to time...max out the number of bots...set the kill limit to 500...and go crazy.