Demon's Souls Update

US PlayStation Blog wrote: "As you've no doubt read, Atlus is bringing Demon's Souls exclusively to the PLAYSTATION 3 this fall. But what changes are they making? How does online play work? And is the game really that difficult? At E3, Atlus's Aram Jabbari fielded questions…"

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ThatCanadianGuy5283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

I love this game ! I had to stop playing it for awhile tho
..damn thing was taking over my life..

Glad it's coming to the west, more people can enjoy this epic game

pippoppow5283d ago

Yeah, a special game. Anyone looking to test their gaming skills should try it. Fun playing co-op and pvp. Tried to play solo most of the game but there will be boss characters you will need help with. Fun game. Hope for a sequel.

Zedux5283d ago

this is a great game one of the kind very very very difficult! but the problem is the fact you can't save the game and there's no check point and I've got a life and after playing for 3 hours I died and had to redo everything sorry but the game is eating dust now! hopefully they include an option to save the game!

pippoppow5283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

It is a brutal game. Definitely need to set aside 1-2 hrs per level. You can cheat though by quitting the game before the "You are Dead" sign appears. Or you can quit in a safe area and start off where you last started roughly if you want to take a break. Took me 50 hours to beat the game but if I didn't cheat forget it, it would have taken much longer. Another thing is once you beat the game the game increases in difficulty so it's almost like starting over for those sadists among us.

callahan095283d ago

Yeah it has taken over my life. How long ago did inFamous come out? I bought it day one and STILL haven't played it. Damned Demon's Souls, I just can't put the bastard down! Haha. I love this game. I hope to platinum it either next week or the week after. I FINALLY got my Pure Bladestone today. 15 hours and over 100 soul levels of farming, later. Holy crap!

callahan095283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

What are you talking about Zedux? The game auto-saves. Literally all the time. If you change the weapon you have equipped, if you kill something, if you do literally anything, it auto-saves. The game is pretty much always auto-saving, if you look in the upper right corner you can always see the little moving soul symbol indicating that it's accessing the hard drive.

If you played continuously and lost for good 3 consecutive hours worth of souls, that's your own thoughtlessness and carelessness to blame. You could have had ample time to spend those souls. And anytime you die, you ought to be extra careful when you go to pick up your souls so you don't die on the way. If you're in an area you're unskilled at or unfamiliar with, you shouldn't be traipsing around for 3 hours without returning to nexus and spending some of those souls on repairs, new equipment, extra arrows, some grasses and spices, some soul level upgrades, etc. You shouldn't be walking around with that many souls in an area where you're at risk. It's your own fault if you do.

I don't know what to tell you other than it seems to me you're making the game harder for yourself than it actually has to be. EVACUATE miracle, costs 20,000 souls, only have to buy it once. It will be your best friend.

pippoppow5283d ago

Yep, you really should use those souls asap. A good place in the beginning to get souls I found was in 3-1 and later on 4-4. Just need to find a good grind spot, get souls run to nexus and upgrade your character a few levels. This site may help those in need- http://demonssouls.wikidot....

ABizzel15283d ago

It looks really good, and the online sounds pretty cool, leaving notes for people so they don't share your fate. Hopefully the co-op part will be through the game there's nothing worse than a game that makes you want to throw the controller, because it's too hard.

ThanatosDMC5283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

There had been people that have done this and corrupted their save files. So it does work, but do it at your own risk.

Why do that when you can revive yourself with a Stone of Ephimeral Eyes or just invade someone for fun and kill them or help someone else fight a boss.

I've been playing the game everytime i turn on my PS3... it's taken over my social life.

Also, i wish there was a way to see our global stat. The pantheon just shows the top people that i cant even compare with... geez, those bastards are lv 712!!!

Best place to grab souls: 4-4 with Storm Ruler (the sword) with Ring of Avarice equipped.

GameGambits5282d ago

I highly recommend this for just about any gamer who wants to prove to themselves they can accomplish something difficult in a game.

The game is fun, well woven, voiced, difficult, and at no point a snooze fest. You just feel the atmosphere ooze out at every single place you go to it's so damn impressive it blows my mind. Other game developers need to take a note from this one, because it does an incredible job of keeping the player feel their senses heightened when playing.

BUY THIS! This is not a game you can rent and bust through. This is a game you have to own to survive your way through and you will enjoy every second of it. :D

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BYE5283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

I was thinking about importing this, now hearing this guy from Atlus talk about how hard and challenging it is, I think it's a must buy.

dustgavin5283d ago

Agreed. My buddy and I want to import it to enjoy the co-op features.

ThanatosDMC5283d ago

Just so that you're warned. It's hard to play co-op with your friend if you're not close to each other's level. It's also random for his Blue Soul Sign to appear at your own game.

UltimateIdiot9115283d ago

I hope I can scrap up money for this.

Raoh5283d ago

cant wait.. the graphics look sweet and battles look even sweeter...

deshon095283d ago

cant wate for it this fall