'Quake III: Team Arena' Headed to Xbox Live Arcade?

According to Worthplaying:

The ESRB has been the revealing source of various titles coming to the Xbox Live Arcade, and today a listing was spotted for id Software's multiplayer sci-fi shooter Quake III: Team Arena. If the listing is true, the Xbox Live Arcade version is being ported to the Xbox 360 by Dallas-based Pi Studios, known for various Activision titles (Call of Duty) and currently working on the Halo 2 Vista Editor as well as porting Pandemic's Mercenaries 2 to the PS2.

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HiTechH84267d ago

I would easily spend 800 points on this. If they add acheivements to the standard online play this could be a big hit on Xbox Live. Very good news.

sak5004267d ago

Good memories on this one..I used to play online with 56k modem and ping of 999.

Krimson4267d ago

Really good game, but does anyone think Q3 is a bit fast paced to try and control with a gamepad? I guess it'll play very differently.

shikwan4267d ago

If this does well--and it should being a great game--this will bring EPIC's greedy azz to make UT for for XBLA.

If it's over then...I'll be in gaming heaven!

NextGen24Gamer4267d ago

For Gamers and Developers. Gamers get to play classic Games touched up a bit with their friends on the 360. And Developers get to dust off the old games and re release them for Gamers in this Next Generation. WOW....that 120 gig hard drive will be needed here real soon. Quake 3 arena is timeless. Same with Unreal Championship. Kudos Micorosoft.

sak5004267d ago

share the wealth ...err bubbles top gamer ;)

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