Saints Row 2 gets Free DLC

A free add-on in the form of The Unkut Pack has been added to Volition's sandbox action title Saints Row 2, now available for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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talltony3418d ago

to make me go back to play this game.

farhsa20083418d ago

yes but i want it for ps3

r1sh123418d ago

saints row are giving that free dlc because not many people downlaoded the premium one.
saints row is a terrible game and cannot match the pedigree you get from the GTA series.

Rowsdower3418d ago

It is not perfect. It is not GTA IV. It is fun, in fact its fun factor not only glosses over many of it failings but it is fact more fun than most of the releases that have come out in recent memory. Playing the campaign in co-op is tremendously enjoyable.

I hope for Saints Row 3 they incorporate the engine they used in Red Faction, Saints Row with destructible environments would be great if implemented properly.

My final word, GTA IV is great but I got bored at some point and stopped playing, while Saints Row 2 kept me interested until the end, I was interested in my character (a guy who looked like a Bollywood actor with a British accent who mostly wears a suit with a top hat, or sometimes dresses like a cowboy) as compared to Nico. Thats my opinion. To say the game is terrible though is just wrong, the game is not terrible.

iMarcus3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Sorry mate, but he had an opinion, and to declare his own opinion false is just idiotic.

Now i dislike the saints row series for exactly the reasons you claim to like it. I look for a strong narrative and story in games with believable characters. Having a character who dresses outrageously is just a terrible premise for a game in my opinion, the writers cannot write solely from a standpoint when a game offers too much freedom in the creation of the characters. However It appears you are not the type of person looking for a serious game with a mature storyline. Each to his own. My 2 cents.

Rowsdower3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

I stated my opinion which was to say that the game is not terrible. I appreciate different opinions about games and the fact that not everyone enjoys the same games in the same way. I never belittled his opinion, I just disagreed with it which by definition is having a opposing opinion.

We could argue forever what make a game good and/or terrible but that would never get us anywhere because in most circumstances (like this one) that is a subjective statement with no definitive answer, but I digress.

Now to your passive aggressive insults, the fact that I have the opposite opinion from someone is not "idiotic". Also just because I enjoyed Saints Row 2 does not make me an immature gamer as your comments imply. I at no point belittled or mocked the author of the comment I was responding to, but you seemingly in an effort make light of my point decided to put me down.

Each to his own, right?

--joshua--3418d ago

Too bad for us PS3 owners for now. I just traded this game in for Red Faction. Now that is a fun game I will say. Maybe when the price comes down and when/if they decide to show us some free DLC love, I'll pick this back up.

how about a nice game of chess?

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