Gears of War Interview

If you're a fan of shooters with sci-fi themes, you probably feel like you've seen it all. Doesn't it seem like we've walked down the same metallic walkways and explored the same downed spacecraft hundreds of times? Sure, games like Halo 2 and DOOM 3 added some refreshing twists, but most sci-fi shooters are giving us that "been there, done that" feeling. That's probably one of the biggest reasons that we're all looking forward to Epic's Gears of War so much. The game is set on the fictional planet of Sera, where a war is being waged between mankind and the Locust Horde, a race of terrifying, brutal creatures. recently had a chance to pick the brain of Cliff "CliffyB" Blezinski, the game's Lead Designer, about what went into creating the unique environments.

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THAMMER16179d ago

This article rules. I cannot wait to slap this into my 360 and power up my HD projector and run through this game in the hardest difficulty level possible. The only thing that can mess GOW up is if you have to beat it on normal or easy to unlock the hard level. I also would like to see something above legendary on Halo like Impossible or some thing. That would be sweet. I love challenging games.

pRo loGic II6179d ago

I was thinking the same thing yesterday i set my 360 on hard for these upcoming games. GOW is going to be a stellar game.

PS360PCROCKS6179d ago

I sure hope so...well I know this game will be amazing, I do the same lol, I have been playing COD2 on hard, wow what a difference from normal

Jay da 2KBalla6178d ago

Cant wait for this game fa real

TheMART6178d ago

Hey ain't that funny. Alan voted lame again