Rumored PS Store Content for 06/11/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Back from E3, and ready to get back into our weekly Rumored PS Store Content. We've recently noticed a slew of imitators, but don't fret… PlayStation LifeStyle brings you the most accurate rumored content for over a year now.

This week we have some great content coming to the PS Store. Strangley this week I am most exicted for LittleBigPlanet DLC as we are getting the Team ICO costume pack. We are also getting two full games, and loads more DLC."

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Sev4485d ago

Way too many imitators out there trying to beat me to the punch.

I wait until Wednesday to be more accurate and reliable. These sites sacrifice quality to be first to N4G.

Stick with PlayStation LifeStyle.

Lifendz4485d ago

no one really plays on the first DLC maps and, unless I'm wrong, I don't think any map is as good as Radac Academy and Corinth Crossing.

himdeel4485d ago

...I cannot lie I have the DLC but haven't had the chance to play it online. I've played Skirmish DLC map packs a lot but there's only so many hours in the day. Likewise I need to be able to pause my game and hate taking a spot away from someone in online matches because I'm afk a lot.

Mu5afir4485d ago

Where is it SONY? And the DLC for Killzone.. if it's not priced right I won't get it. Frankly people aren't playing the other maps much. Probably because the price of the maps are ridiculous. Please Sony make these maps worth having.. lower the price point.

irish-leprecaun4485d ago

is he the most popular person/robot on n4g??

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DJ4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Watch, they're going to try predicting a week ahead. It's pretty hard to do it any earlier, because things get shifted around at the last minute.

The PSLS weekly Rumored PS Store Content articles are really popular, so i'm not surprised at how many sites are imitating us.

Sev4485d ago

I see Miles Joliffe is disagreeing with us. He is one of the imitators.

I should post all the imitators right here, give them some hits. Since they are so desperate that they would steal our original content.

DoucheVader4485d ago

I am going to do my predictions a year ahead of time.

Why can't people come up with their own content niches. Always gots to be "Rooster" Blocking PSLS on N4G.

Eff the Haters!

Sev4485d ago

LMFAO @ Rooster Blocking....


Rhezin4485d ago

I always look forward to your wednesday weekly predictions.

Flash and Thunder fo me.

Elvfam5114485d ago

it because they want to include a psp GO coverage

Sev4485d ago

Yes Qore has been officially delayed to include more PSP Go coverage. Which makes me believe even more so that it was intentionally leaked a day or two before E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.