Tecmo: PlayStation 3 Most Powerful Hardware

Gaming Union writes "During E3 2009, Tecmo gave their opinion on the current state of play with regards to the current generation hardware. They are currently developing Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Quantum exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and surely there has to be a reason for this."

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pwnsause4398d ago

funny how over 1 year ago when Itigaki was running Team Ninja, he stated that the 360 was the most power system ever, and now look what happens when you change.

lociefer4398d ago

this is no news , everyone knows that the ps3 is the most powerfull bad-ass machine ever created , well except the guyz at valve , the colour of green is really blinding

OGharryjoysticks4398d ago

Remember when he said in a bragging manner that he only makes games for the most powerful systems? Well, throw that out the window. He made a DS game even...LOL. In the end it doesn't matter because he's well taken care of by Microsoft. When he was still at Tecmo he didn't want anything to do with the PS3 because of his relationship with Microsoft. No big deal. Everybody has to eat.

Tomonobu Itagaki4398d ago

Everybody has to eat... even Gabe Newell.

SullyDrake4398d ago (Edited 4398d ago )

We all knew this already. Uncharted proved it a while ago, and Killzone 2 reestablished it.

4398d ago
raztad4398d ago

To be fair Valve never has said (as far as I know) the PS3 is a weak console, just they dont know (dont want to learn for whatever reasons) to develop for it. Kinda lame, but it is what it is.

Now, Tecmo went straight to the point. Obviously this is a politically incorrect thing to say for a multiplat developer, so I guess Tecmo is not caring that much about MS any more. Very interesting development indeed.

DasBunker4398d ago

didnt we already know this before we even bought a PS3?

AKNAA4398d ago (Edited 4398d ago )

"Simply, it's the most powerful hardware"

Its about time a third party developer spoke the truth without being worried about what MS will think!

gaffyh4398d ago

Everyone knew this a year before the PS3 was even released. The proof came when Uncharted became one of the best looking console games to date, and still has no equal. Killzone 2 proved everyone wrong as did MGS4.

But still fanboys do not see the truth.

Shadow Flare4398d ago

When do you ever read an article where a dev says, "This game can't be done on ps3"? You don't.

Xbox 360 can't even handle the amount of grass in Flower...

Megaton4398d ago

Itagaki just hates Sony. Something about giving Tekken priority over DOA, if I remember correctly.

Jamegohanssj54398d ago

The only reason why Itagaki made the DS game is because he made a deal with his daughter that he would.


Why dis4398d ago

This isn't the first time a dev said this to win over the fanbase they're trying to court. Ghostbuster devs said this not too long ago even though the PS3 version of Ghostbusters is inferior.

cmrbe4398d ago

In terms of story telling and gmeplay NO imo. MGS4 is still the best. Visually its still up there with the best like Uncharted and KZ2. KZ2 overall is still the best visually for me atm. Uncharted has the best environments but MGS4 with best character models. KZ2 with best physics,lighting and particle effects. KZ2 looks grainy/gritty and looks more realistic than the other two imo. So i guess you can say KZ2 does look better than MGS4. However MGS4 is still unmatched in gameplay and story telling. Both MGS4 and KZ2 sound are the best as well.

HQLocated1114398d ago

Hopefully they make huge improvements to the graphics of Quantum. Right now the game BARELY looks as good as Gears 2. Can't wait to see more gameplay at TGS!

Rainstorm814398d ago

"We all knew this already. Uncharted proved it a while ago, and Killzone 2 reestablished it"

and Uncharted 2 & GoW3 ended the debate for good.

Its really no arguement but the way people think these days, Sony and multiple Devs have to continue to stress the point.

HDgamer4398d ago

Gabe Newell has stated that various times. Valve is a different story, but Gabe Newell is the head of Valve.

ultimolu4398d ago

Are you kidding me Why Dis? Really? What does Ghostbusters have to do with this? It's funny when the only thing 360 fanboys can use in an argument of which console is more powerful, they resort to multiplatform games.

For the billionth time...


SixTwoTwo4398d ago (Edited 4398d ago )

Water is wet, fire is hot, etc. tell me something I don't know... like GT5's release date =)

@above .. Relax. Just let the baby have his bottle =)

Rock Bottom4398d ago

Lets assume this article is just for commercial reasons, and lets assume the 360 is the most powerful console this generation. Now, what good is the 360 hardware superiority if the best looking console games this gen are PS3 games?

Rhoic4398d ago

Does this even matter? I was aware that it all depended on games. Not the console's hardware.

oohWii4398d ago (Edited 4398d ago )

I agree 100 Percent. It's true, the PS3 is so powerful and graphically superior that even the JAGGIES are more superior. You see how clear and clean the jaggies show up in PS3 games.

Also, isn't it just hilarious how ANYONE saying something positive about the PS3 is automatically telling the truth with these guys. They are the most needy fanboys I have seen to day. PS3 Fanboys, MUST constant have attention and validation placed upon their console. They spend more time on N4G defending their purchase than any other fan of any other console in the history of video gaming.

People use to say Apple fans were bad, but let me tell you. There are legitimate gamers out their that love the PS3 and I am not speaking about them. But then you have those like ultimolu. Out of all the comments made she picked yours to comment on, and why you ask, because yours wasn't inline with the SDF agenda.


Edit: @livegamer Below (3.5)

You have broken the code and I did months ago. This probably explains why we both have 1 bubble. If you speak your opinion and it's not what they want to hear, the cowards take away your bubbles because they are so jacked up in the head that hey can't even deal with being challenged in an open debate. These are some needy people, so sad, so pathetic.

Bathyj4397d ago

I wouldnt be talking about Jaggies if my flagship shooter and racer were LegoHalo 3 and LegoForza 2 respectively.

Show me one PS3 exclusive with Jaggies as bad as those two games. If fact for all the graphical nitpickinging, show me one graphical downfall on PS3 that actually makes a difference to the game aside from maybe the first Madden on PS3 or CoD3 which ran like a dog, and that was from the devs not wanting to put in the learning time first. We've moved on since then.

Hey least Valve have admitted now they're not up to it. But then Valve are forever releasing stuff that takes to modding community to spit shine it and make it better. No wonder they dont want to learn something new.

TheTwelve4397d ago

It's about as bold a claim as saying the Yankees are the most dominant team in baseball history. In other words, it's not a bold claim at's just the obvious truth based on clear evidence.


theEnemy4397d ago

MGS4 was and will always be one of the best games on the PS3.

It's on par with KZ2 in terms of Graphics, well maybe KZ2 got a slight edge. ;)

But the gameplay and the feeling after playing it is still unmatched IMO.

I *hope* MGS:R will be close visually and gameplay wise that of MGS4.

BattleAxe4397d ago

PS3 "most powerful hardware" FTW!!!!!!

rockleex4397d ago

The last boss fight in MGS4 says hello. ^_^

Seriously, if they had made it a cutscene fight instead of gameplay boss fight, I would NEVER have believed that it was done in real time!

soxfan20054397d ago (Edited 4397d ago )


You're right. Sony is like the Yankees - the once unbeatable team now struggling while their bitter rivals have overtaken them. Just like the PS3 is most powerful, the Yankees have had the highest payroll for the last eight years. We all know what has happened in those last eight years - eight teams not named "Yankees" have won the World Series.

EDIT - You're right - this year has yet to be decided. Just like Sony, the Yankees have the best lineup on paper. How that translates into real world success is the big question.

rockleex4397d ago (Edited 4397d ago )

Except no one has won this world series yet.

And even then, it still doesn't change the fact that the PS3 is the most powerful console this generation... just like how the Xbox was the most powerful last generation.

@whoever disagreed with me

Are you telling me the last boss fight in MGS4 did not have CG-like visuals? <_<

Sarcasm4397d ago

CGI Graphics? The Last Guardian.

'nuff said

Syronicus4397d ago

With Sony using the Cell and having a BD-ROM Drive, this knowledge is nothing new. It was only the fanboys that hated the PS3 for its price that claimed it was not as powerful or more powerful than the 360. I will however state that perhaps it was not until developers began unlocking the PS3 potential that we began to hear more about how powerful the hardware was. It takes time with any Sony console to unlock the power of it's tech.

Note to the fanboys, I am in no way slamming the 360. There are and will be amazing games on it so please do not take this as a slam on the 360. It's just a known fact that the PS3 has more to offer in way of future proof hardware than the 360.

s8anicslayer4397d ago

Valve never said the PS3 wasn't the most powerful machine, they have always said "It is too complicated to develop for."
Here's a link to those recent statments

Dude4204397d ago

Why do they keep making articles like this?

No wait, why do you guys still care about articles like this?

It's the same discussion over and over again and it's quite sad really, we've already debated these things before, why go at it again? My conclusion to these articles are that they are just fuel for the fanboy wars.

I think the PS3 is a more powerful and reliable machine than the 360, but that doesn't mean a visually stunning game can't be done on the 360. Look at Remedy, Alan Wake looks absolutely promising considering it's an open world game. I'm not expecting it to blow KZ2 or Uncharted 2 out of the water, but it might be nearly on par.

All it takes is a good number of years of developement which is what most of Sony's first party devs are doing. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't have that many developers that will do that, they just churn out games every 1 or 2 years, (I do think Forza 3 looks great though). Even if Halo is a fun game (ODST seems cool), I would hope that Bungie would at least start working on a new engine so they improve on their Halo franchise.

Anyway I wish these kind of articles would stop, but that won't happen since you guys need an article to do your daily bashing of a console you don't like. Sad sad sad.

aueslander4397d ago

....the main dude who was a project leader on both the cell and the 3 core said that both cpus are pretty close together? I mean come on, who is more likely to know which is the better cpu, PR people/3rd party game makers or the head of the guys who actually designed and built the 2 cpus?

Jecht4397d ago

Yeah, 'cause you played them both right?

I'm going to start calling you Brad Warden, Chad Warden's 360 fanbot whiny little brother who's pathetically wrong all the time.

4397d ago
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40cal4398d ago

2 devs in 2 days stating that the PS3 is more powerful.

I said this before the PS3 even launched. I think that in 2011 we will start to see more 3rd party PS3 exclusives starting with Rockstar Norths Agent. New IPs and bigger games with bigger visions will have that little Only On Playstation tab at the top of the box.

TOO PAWNED4398d ago

by then we will see next xbox, and i don't care what MS says about 360 we will see next xbox in 2011 or 2012, 360 is already outdated

table4398d ago (Edited 4398d ago )

The only problem for the 360 is the use of DVD. It still gets by at the moment but we are already seeing games go onto 2 discs and now Rockstar are doing a ps3 exclusive thought to be as a result of the DVD disc space. This may prompt an earlier release of the next xbox but its still too early to say.

40cal4398d ago

Blu-Ray, Cell broadband engine, mandatory HDD, and HDMI greater than 1.0 are four (4) problems that I can count.

Rainstorm814398d ago (Edited 4398d ago )

Natal is supposed to extend its life span til 2015 LOL

RealtorMDandDC4398d ago

the PS3 is the best technology right now on the market aim at gamers.

The PS3 is a very capable machine...and it's very evident in it's exclusive...even the ones that suck...(Lair&Haze)....they are not as bad as Bullet Witch & Too human(maybe tied)...

It's also evident when Sony 1st party begin to really harness the power of the PS3 many other devs will follow suit and announce exclusive for the PS3..the PS3 has not show anything yet..we are only two years's still has unlimited potential...that's what is great with the's like fine wine gets better with age....functionality and etc...

Sitdown4398d ago

Natal is supposed to extend its life span til 2015 LOL"

Hahaha...I am glad you can laugh at how pointless your statement is. Seriously, did you read the article? The ps3 being more powerful does not mean the 360 can not make it to 2015 with the help of Natal.....the xbox was more powerful than the ps2.....but you see the ps2 is still alive and well.

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Bubble Buddy4398d ago

Gaming all day. screw exams :)

blackbeld4398d ago (Edited 4398d ago )


But you can game all the way after the exams too.....

And of-course we all know PS3 is the most powerful this console gen.

Bubble Buddy4398d ago

obviously :P, I love my PS3. I wish though Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2, etc. came out in the summer instead of fall >.<

cmrbe4398d ago

Education is very important. You can always game later.

ptotoy4398d ago

i'm certain xbots would beg to differ and say how gears 2 looks better than killzone or how forza3 looks better than gt5.

Col. Jessep: [shouts] You can’t handle the truth!

Shadow Man4398d ago

There I said it.

So I just prove you wrong.

MetalGearBear 4398d ago

Forza3 only have 2 disc and 400 car. PFFFFT!!!!
GT5 have 1 disc and 1,000+ cars.

Kill Crow4397d ago

it's got 8 bloody cores vs xboxs 3. On paper everyone's known the PS3 is around twice as more powerfull as the 360 right fro mthe start, no one can deny it.

Ther question is can anyone write code efficiently enough to produce games that are twice as good as the xbox equivalent?

And the answer is no ... or not yet.

Sure there are some stunning games on PS3 and graphically there are a couple that stand out above most if not all 360 games - but only marginly.

And the problem is, the teams that produced those games cost more and take longer. Millions more and years longer - PS3 games are always delayed - so is it really worth it to get a game that only looks slightly better than it's 360 counterparts

Then there's actual game playability etc ... games that are easier to program tend to have more time focused on actually playing good rather than just looking good.

This is a major problem with PS3 development, and essentially the hardware.

More powerful has not resulted in better games, only longer and more costly development times where the end result doesn't show much difference with so called inferior hardware.

CSM-101e4398d ago

and also one for thinking that anyone actually understands the implications of parallel processing in a game. I don't, you don't, no one that's going to post on N4G really understands the potential. I'm not saying that the PS3 is orders of magnitude better than the 360, but it is more powerful. I don't know this because I'm a super-coder, or a processor designer. I know this because the 1st party Sony games are consistently of a higher quality than MS's titles.

Spike474398d ago

If you are a fat lazy lard than I rather not have you touch such a complex but powerful system.

SaberEdge4398d ago (Edited 4398d ago )

Tecmo's comments back then were vague. I mean he didn't give any details or specifics. Not to mention that his comment directly contradicts the comments made by other developers and one of the lead engineers of both CPUs.

The fact is, the PS3 isn't as powerful as people make it out to be. One of the key IBM designers of both CPUs said, "At the end of the day, when you put them all together, depending on the software, I think they're pretty equal."

John Carmack has expressed that "...the only thing Sony has going for them over the 360, is the data storage on the blu-ray..."
He also said "Yeah, I mean that's our position that it's almost unequivocal across the board that the 360 is a better platform to develop for. On almost anything on the strictly graphical side, in terms of pushing vertexes and triangles on there, the 360 hardware is superior to the PS3's RSX on there."
"And the other major difference is the memory partitioning. Where they're both 512mb machines, but on the PS3 it's partitioned into 256mb of video and 256mb of main. And one of the biggest things that Sony does poorly for developers is their system stuff sucks up a lot more resources than it does, than Microsoft's does on the 360. So memory is much more painful on the PS3. We spend a lot more time trying to crunch down the memory for that..."

Jason Booth, a former developer with Harmonix, also says that the PS3 is not more powerful than the 360.
He says ""Fill rate is one of the primary ways to measure graphics performance - in essence, it's a number describing how many pixel operations you can perform. The fill rate on the PS3 is significantly slower than on the 360, meaning that games either have to run at lower resolution or use simpler shader effects to achieve the same performance," "Additionally, the shader processing on the PS3 is significantly slower than on the 360, which means that a normal map takes more fill rate to draw on the PS3 than it does on the 360. And I'm not talking about small differences here, we're talking roughly half the pixel pushing power."

Real life engineers and software developers tell us either that the two consoles are close in performance capabilities or the 360 is actually a bit more powerful in general. Two and a half years of better performing multiplatform games on the 360 also hint at the same thing.

That is part of the reason I tend to buy most of my multiplatform games for the 360. I was sick of seeing nearly every PS3 multiplatform game I looked at having worse aliasing, lower texture resolution, missing effects, more screen tearing, slower frame rate, and fuzzier image quality than the 360 counterparts.

A few well-funded and overhyped exclusives does nothing to change that. Killzone 2 and Uncharted look exceptionally good, but not nearly as good as PS3 fanboys would lead you to believe. They are not really doing anything more technically impressive than games like Gears of War 2, Alan Wake, Assassin's Creed or Resident Evil 5. All of these games show their performance in different ways, but they are all more or less equal in technical terms.

talltony4398d ago (Edited 4398d ago )

.. So your saying even though ps3 pushes out the best graphics it doesnt mean it has the best graphics? i dont get what you mean cause the exclusives are speaking for themselves! Microsoft has tons of money to fund their games and their exclusives do look noticably worse than ps3's no matter what you say.

CSM-101e4398d ago

right there, depends on the software. That's the whole argument. It takes radically different coding that these dudes just don't get yet. Just like PS1 and PS2; you've got garbage at the beginning of the cycle and absolute beauty at the end.

These developers are people; and people always talk bad about what they don't understand. You can quote all you want; I'll believe my own experience over your biga$$ block of cherry picked text any day.

XLiveGamer4398d ago

I know that all your comment its based on facts that no one on this site can change it but in this site your comment is just that a comment All this "experts"(fan boys) are going to disagree on it because the population here is 90% PS3 fans so no matter what you or even God say about this real facts they are going to ignore them. The reality is that the only thing that is helping ps3 its the data storage (Blu-Ray). But hey no one that have a Xbox 360 is complaining about 2-4 discs. All this complains about X360 comes from PS3 fanatics in every corner on the net. Just check how they are bashing Forza3 but no one from the Xbox 360 fans is bashing GT series. If you ask me about both My opinion is that Forza series is better than GT series and i own both! I have all GT and both Forza games so i am in a position to have a good opinion about both but i prefer Forza right now over GT but for a PS fan GT fan only GT is a better series NO MATTER WHAT! So what you commented is real but for them is blaspheme.

-chaz-4398d ago


All that's true, but on this site that kind of info is falling on deaf ears. Unfortunately the proof is in the games and until someone really creates a game on the 360 that outdoes Killzone or Uncharted, it's not likely to fly here.

cmrbe4398d ago

Technically i really don't know which is stronger, i really don't care but in the end.PS3 exclusives looks and play better. In the end that is really what we have.

RealtorMDandDC4398d ago

It's so obvious...I really do not understand soemtimes..the overall quailty of Sony's exclusives is by far the most superior.....

I do have a 360...and in all's cool..I love have it as an other option..but right now..I am more excited to be a PS3 owner...becuase it's future looks bright..I played my 360 for a year before I bought my Ps3 day one..120GB B/C...

Becuase if you have played Uncharted/MGS4/Heavenly Sword/R&C: TOD & QFB,KZ2, infamous, Folklore, Uncharted 2 beta and...LBP...if you have really and truly have played these games in full you will understand what the PS3 is capable of.........

BWS19824397d ago

is quoting people on components of a console, not the whole console as a machine (the IBM guy if I recall meant the CPU, not the cell/SPU's as a whole, there's a difference, then you see a quote about RAM size, again, trivial). A dev uses the entire system and maxes out the collective power to the best they understand. Exclusives seem to be where the "outcome" of that power would lie...comparing multiplats is arguing about simplicity in coding, not power.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4397d ago

"The fact is, the PS3 isn't as powerful as people make it out to be. One of the key IBM designers of both CPUs said, "At the end of the day, when you put them all together, depending on the software, I think they're pretty equal." "

First of all, that IBM employee quote is invalid, because there's no way an IBM employee will say: "We chump changed Microsoft into getting an inferior processor". Funny how you use quotes and then you use multiplatform games when it's most convenient. Why not use actual *tests* to prove your claims? Oh, that's right, that's because the Cell CPU would obliterate your god's CPU.

Also, why quote the whole thing when you can quote selectively and out of context, right? Well, Carmack actually admitted PS3 is more powerful than Xbox 360.

He only said it's not worth taking the time to squeeze the additional power PS3 has over 360.

Also, Jason booth from Harmonix is *not* a programmer or an engineer, he's just an artist so he has NO IDEA about hardware. He has an agenda to bash Sony and PS3 considering he is getting into social gaming, i.e. competing with Home. Bad example right there.

Electronic Arts has hinted that PS3 has plenty of untapped power. Hell, Epic, the guys behind 360s most technically impressive game, have said that they've already tapped most of the power behind Xbox 360. The majority of developers, including Sega and Konami, have said that they've never worked with equipment as sophisticated as PS3. Nearly all developers have said this about PS3, not so about 360. 360s only praise has been that it's easy to develop for.

Oh, and don't make us laugh at the "Uncharted and killzone are not more impressive than Alan Wake or Gears of War". First of all, Alan Wake doesn't even look better than infamous, so your claim is cancelled. Second, Gears of War has half the amount of polygons per character on Uncharted, even when Uncharted has more color, better animation, better AI, more enemies on screen, better explosions, hell I could go on. Uncharted destroys Gears of War 2, even when Uncharted barely utilizes about 30% of what PS3 is capable.

The only thing that can be admitted, is that PS3 and 360 have weaknesses each that the other does better. It's just that it is a lot harder to program towards getting great results on PS3.

Nobody believes you have a PS3 anyway, so go back to your cave.

fuckoffodion4397d ago

I thought I was the only one who thought he was full of Sh!t. He's just a 360 butt boy.

Consoldtobots4397d ago

why does someone always make a dumb comment about noone on this site being smart enough to understand this stuff. You know us programmers are people too and we like to read industry news as well. There isn't some secret internet we all go to.

Ju4397d ago


David Shippy was the PowerPC core lead for both the CELL and 360 Xenon. He has no idea how game SW works (he is a HW guy) and he certainly has not worked on the SPU, nor on the ideas behind a massive parallel vector core (this was mainly Kutargie's philosophy and based on the PS2 experience). He has, however, added an improved VMX core to the Xenon (which the CELL does not have because of the SPU advantage). That said, he had no gaming background what so ever before he started working on the CELL, nor can he make a objective statement of the overall CPU performance. He thinks (!) that the 3 core Xenons can keep up with the CELL, but he has no idea how an effective parallel algorithm can run circles around "his" power cores. He is simply wrong.

John Carmack. Read again what he said: In regards of pixel pushing power of the GPUs (!) the 360 is more powerful. This has already been discussed up and down, and the general consensus is, this might well be true. However, and this becomes very apparent in all PS3 exclusives, the pixel pipeline in the PS3 begins in the CELL and not the GPU. Vertex pre-processing (UC/UC2), filtering/setup (KZ2) etc plus the fact that particles are rendered by the SPU prove that even this is only true, if developers go the straight way of using traditional shaders only and ignoring the pixel/vector power the SPUs bring to the table.

And, well, Harmonix ? Are you kidding me ? Which visual showcase did they ever produce ?

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