ArmA 2: Maxed out graphics

ArmA 2 has been released in Germany already - apparently affected with many bugs though. PC Games Hardware got several screenshots that show what impressive graphics the Real Virtuality Engine of ArmA 2 is able to provide.

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tehReaper3471d ago

Not bad. Gotta love PC only games. Too bad a lot of people won't be able to run it, though.

Revvin3471d ago

I so want this to be better than the first buggy, poorly optimised ARMA game they released but the reviews don't look good. Great screenshots are easy to create on any PC, I'd be more impressed to see video with some system specs and a frame rate counter.

dirthurts3471d ago

Technically impressive, however the lack of an intriguing art style makes me turn away from them. Sure they may look realistic to a point, but that's boring.

free2game3653471d ago

That's a poor excuse. You're really complaining a game that goes for total realism doesn't have an art style?

evrfighter3471d ago

I lol'd @ the art style comment.

WTF kind of art style are you sposed to have when the whole point of the game is realism. Big hulking suits with chainsaw attachments on the guns?

Read up on what ArmA is about before you make comments that make you look like a fool.

FantasyStar3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

This is one of the few games that I don't care about when it comes to graphics. As long as it looks good enough, then I'm game. It's hard for a game to claim "tactical realism" these days and I just happen to be in the market for that kind of game.

Although the words "poorly optimized" does spook me a bit.

Revvin3471d ago

I really love the idea of the game, its tactical emphasis, large open terrain but I was really let down by the first one, thats not to say the second will be the same but the reviews so far seem to indicate its very buggy. I really wanted to like this game but the tactical edge was ruined by the stupid AI, poor performance and a lot of bugs which took a long long time to fix.

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