Capcom Releases Official Announcement For RE4 On Wii

Capcom has put out a release both confirming Resident Evil 4 and adding a few details about Umbrella Chronicles as well. RE4 for Wii will be including the additional content found in the PlayStation 2 version of the game.

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Odiah4269d ago

I'm ready to get meh resi on. Yeaaaah!

ITR4269d ago

The new RE might be the reasoning behind the Wii blaster!? or at least one of them.

Shaka2K64269d ago

The thing is still gonna be stuck with no online play and ports of lasts gen games with horrible graphics for a while. boy do i feel sorry for the owners.

TheExodus4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Yeah, it can't poach an egg, mow the lawn, or change a diaper either. I honestly don't know why Nintendo even bothered.

Over the course of the last 20 years I've purchased an NES, a Master System, a Genesis, an SNES, a Sega CD, a Jaguar, a Jaguar CD, a Saturn, a PlayStation, a Nintendo 64, a PlayStation 2, a Dreamcast & a Wii with a dozen or so PCs & Macs sprinkled here & there along the way, but not once have I played an online game or ever had the desire to. Personally I view online gaming as a "feature" developers throw into a game about the time they realize their story line & AI su¢k.

Ports? I just picked up the GameCube's collection of Sonic titles at Toys"R"Us two days ago because the Resident Evil collection was beginning to feel self-conscious sitting on the shelf outnumbered by Wii titles. Tonight I picked up a last-gen port of Prince of Persia & tomorrow I'm going to Best Buy to pick up a couple of last-gen ports that Best Buy's dropped to $19.99. If all the Wii is good for is ports of last-gen titles then I say port away boys! My Wiimote's itchin' for some Echo the Dolphin, Space Channel 5 & Destroy All Humans! How does Capcom porting Resident Evil 4 or Ubisoft porting Prince of Persia: The Two Throwns to the Wii warrant pity? IMO anything with a number after it's name is a port of a "last-gen" title & every console has enough of those to go around.

BBsin4269d ago

Only if the PS3 and xbox360 could handle the amazing powers of RE4....