Xbox 360 vs PS3: Splinter Cell Double Agent Comparison

These screens were taken from a Head-To-Head video feature.

As surprising as it might be for many, it doesn't take an eagle eye to notice the differences between both versions.

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Antan4265d ago

I think we all know by now these comparisons will always come out in favour of the 360 at this moment in time. Its still a decent game and shouldn`t deter PS3 owners from giving it a whirl.

techie4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

Antan...they havent all come out with the 360 on top.

A FUD bubble seems to be looming over all of us. I forward you to Eurogamer for their comparison and you will see that in most cases they are very close, or there is a win on both sides. The PS3 is not behind on these "ports" by anyones standards. Hell the 360 wins on a few, but by negligible margins, as admitted by most journalists that have played both side by side...the only broken link in the chain is Gamespot. I agree about this one however.

Sorry Antan...changed the comment for you :) Just wish people would refrain from saying ALL, and actually read around. I know many don't have the motivation to do so, but I have and I'm sure as Antan has done, you will see that the ps3 does not fail on ports as much as you think and it is really a jab at the devs to say that they do.

Antan4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

Of course i was speaking about the majority of ports but there are as you rightly say some that swing in the PS3`s favour. Naturally i can only comment on the games ive seen on both, for example-:

Ridge Racer 7 is quite a bit better looking than R6, especially in terms of HDR which looks superb on the PS3 but is not available in R6, and the new tracks look fantastic and don`t suffer from the usual portitus as they of course have been built from scratch.

Oblivion is of course well documented to have a visual edge on the PS3, though i only have the PC version.

I have FNR3 on the 360 but aint seen the PS3 version and yes the majority of reviews point in favour of the PS3, but not by much.

SC:DA going by these screenies "appears" to lack the edge of the 360 version, which i do have. I knew months ago this conversion was lacking against the 360 but this is just a bonus of working in the industry.

I think i should of said sometimes rather than always of course. As time goes on, and ive said this before, i fully expect the PS3 to show more muscle when 3rd party developers get the knack so to speak, proof of this appears to be showing, like Spiderman 3 for example. Theres more chance of the PS3 having better versions IF code is written directly and not "ported", again its nice knowing plenty of peeps in the industry.

"Sorry to burst the FUD bubble that has been looming over you". I always respect your comments Deep and of course hope you get your PS3 in June, but this comment was a bit off tbh, im not sure how you thought/think im somehow affected by this FUD lark?


power of Green 4265d ago

How many times are you going to post that BULLSHIT link those games do not look like that on the 360. lol MAN/DUDE! My brother has a PS3 and a 360 those pics are BS we rented a ton of games and we spent a hole weekend compareing the two consoles. PS3 is alittle too bright in alot of games thus the washed out opinion of many. Adjusting the TV to make the PS3 look normal will fuc the 360 by defualt if a preson was to match the

PureGamer4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

Do us a favour die please? You spent a whole weekend renting out games and comparing them *clap clap* i wonder when this guy is gonna get laid? ye we know the answer. If you look at these first glance there is no difference, but if your a fanboy looking for differences you will see them.

I piss on this article.

also funny how people are comparing these when they are not the same pictures ha ha.

techie4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

POG. I know I know...but Ive also found that on many sites they do not say that the ps3 version is washed out. Ive also spoken to many owners and they completely agree. That is not to say that the ps3 versions are not lighter...but they are not as light as some have shown. Now the screenshots shown on Eurogamer, if you do not feel are accurate, they are not what the actual article refers to if you read it. They refer to a number of graphical features and not how bright either are.

Eurogamer is not the only site that agrees. In fact Ive done quite a bit of scouting on this and there are some standouts. it is agreed that the crowds on the ps3 are subpar the 360, but it is also universally agreed that the fighter models are much better, with even better lighting on the ps3. Ridge Racer has been said to superior to the 360 version. Now now now, none of this as we have realised over these past months has anything to do with the capabilities of either console. But I really think it is belittling of the devs to say "they havent got the hang of the ps3. Because most ports (apart from Fear and perhaps this) are very good, and in some respects are superior to their xbox siblings.

Please I dont do this to flame. I have done my research. I really feel it is time to end the xbox has the better multi-platform games. Each win some, each lose.

I hope thats understandable must realise that a lot of it is bull right?

(amusing little fact for you...gamespot said Spiderman3 is more colourful on the ps3...funny I know :)...also Criterion said that 1080p was only possible on the ps3 and that the ps3 would have better physics and AI...I say this only to show. Wins and losses on both sides...there's no need for superiority complexs.

Antan4265d ago

POG. This washed out look is something im not seeing to be perfectly honest with you, i have F1, Motorstorm, R7 and RFOM and i can say ive never once thought about the PS3 having washed out colours. I think one look at R7 (playing it not looking at screenshots) and Motorstorm should dispel such myths. And certainly the the muted look of RFOM is absolutley a creative decision.

marionz4264d ago

ive played motorstorm GT-HD virtua fighter RFOM and they all look washed out and jaggy, i also played fill auto on 360 and full auto 2 on ps3 and the ps3 version is nasty in comparison, the textures coluors and special effects lighting on ps3 are not as good as 360
also i played ridge racer on ps3 and adain colour and lighting was inferior, if people cant see the ps3 has issues with colour lighting and textureing then they are blind

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

ports are up in the air it depends what they dev. it for.
how much time they have.
and how much they care.
either way.

look at the original halflife.
the ports weren`t great. but the game was

Ru4265d ago

These thing get all too ugly too post about them anymore!
LOL Pick and Choose
both win IMO

PSN Starfleets4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

360 versions look better without a doubt. People who disagree are fanboys. It's simple, no comments are needed.