Hey Wii Blaster, meet Joytech's Sharp Shooter

As Joystiq waits to see the final model of Nintendo's Wii Blaster, peripheral manufacturer Joytech is showing off the Sharp Shooter. The Sharp Shooter combines the nunchuk with the Wiimote. No word yet if this is the same method the Wii Blaster will use to form the gun, but it does raise questions about the two unit's accelerometers interfering with each other.

Joystiq has absolutely no idea if this is meant to be competition for the Wii Blaster or is just some strange thing for ... well, Joystiq can't figure out what game it would be useful in. Guess they'll just have to wait and see the Wii Blaster to help explain their Sharp Shooter questions. No word on release date or cost for the Sharp Shooter.

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ChickeyCantor4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

i liked the first one, that was shown in at the E3.
but ok...
ooo its joytech >_<

codenamelenny4273d ago

I guess this would work.....for now.

Adamalicious4273d ago

is the cord from the nunchuck going??

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