Memorable Gaming Moments - Final Fantasy 7

Was it really 12 years ago? Now that FF7 is finally available on PSN, can millions of new gamers really enjoy this supreme masterpiece of gaming or is it best left alone, consigned quietly to the bargain bins of history?

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xabmol3472d ago

Is the only RPG I have ever played twice. For me, that says a lot.

I've tried quite a few RPG's and only finished 4. Chrono Crisis & FF7 were awesome. FF10 & Crisis Core were "meh." I only finished FF7:CC because of the FF7 story line and FF10 because that was my only game I had for the first 2 months I moved to a new, boring, town.

40cal3472d ago

Agreed, except I am on my fifth play through. Damn chocobos, breed.

iamtehpwn3472d ago

My memories of these games will NEVER fade.