Console Monster: Hasbro Family Game Night - Sorry Review

Console Monster writes: "Originally, I was very excited by the prospect of EA and Hasbro's Family Game Night for the Xbox Live Arcade. I could picture myself relaxing to the likes of Battleships, Boggle and Connect 4, accompanied by soothing music and a nice warm drink. The pricing seemed acceptable at 800 Microsoft Points until EA gave gamers a kick in the teeth, when they announced that the price tag would apply to each title within the collection. One of the seven titles released as part of the Family Game Night collection is Sorry – a video game adaption of the classic board game.

The concept behind Sorry, on the surface, is fairly simple and one the majority of gamers will be able to get to grips with. It consists of each player moving four pawns from the "start" location to "home." Pawns move the amount of spaces as portrayed on the card chosen by the player. In addition, a "Sorry" card can also be played, allowing the player to swap the position of their pawn with an opponent's..."

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