Images of Spiderman 3

Activision releases a new bunch of screenshots of Spiderman 3, half from the PS3 version and half from the X360 version.

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THWIP4268d ago

Looks like the "classic" costume will be unlockable.

closedxxx4268d ago

But the environments look disappointingly dull for both systems. Just like the last gen. The controls were solid, and the action was fun for the first 12 times you had to stop a crime... After that, the game became nothing more than a ton of busy work.
But, the buildings, streets, bridges always look half baked with terrible surface textures, and very little lighting effects... I'm kinda disappointed

THWIP4268d ago

Even though it's not a direct (polished)port of the PS2 version, it's still basically the same game across the PS2/PS3/360/Wii platforms. The only differences between the PS2/Wii and 360/PS3 versions will be character model detail and draw distance/load times. They will all share the same art/design assets, with the PS2 as the LCD of the lot.

Of course, the PS2 was the LCD of multiplatform games LAST gen as well, falling behind even the Gamecube. I've been cursing Sony and it's under-powered world-conquerer for the past several years, for that reason. Hell, half of the 360's launch lineup consisted of half-assed PS2 ports...and we're STILL having to put up with it.

Any gamers who are truly fed up with this BS, like I have been for a loooong time, need to stop buying PS2 games, so the major devs/publishers (like EA, Ubi, and Activision) will stop being lazy with Next-Gen games. I shelved my launch PS2 over 5 years ago, and haven't looked back; if more people had done the same, the quality of ALL games would be better now.

PureGamer4268d ago

oh stop crying over graphics women, its how the game plays what counts not the graphics.

LSDARBY4268d ago

From what ive read on IGN & Gamespot they say the game looks great, so im thinking the screenshots arent doing it justice.

THWIP4268d ago

...but you'll see the TRUTH, firsthand, in less than a month.

troylazlow4268d ago

lookes awsome I love that you can attach to and jump off cars that are tossed at you. and the plethera of villans is a nice touch also I have had it confirmed that Bruce Campbell will do th ingame instructions again!!! So I'm very happy now

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