Digital Spy Preview: Prototype

Digital Spy writes: "It seems that New York is the most hazardous place in the world. While soaps have their fair share of geographical misfortune (how many attempted murders can happen in a single street?), no other place has had as much carnage and destruction in popular media. With its streets crammed full of cars and people, towering buildings and its instant recognition around the world makes it the perfect stage for an epic disaster."

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mistajeff4154d ago

This seems like the first big game in a while to not have any reviews posted before it's released.. coupled with them stating that no "pre release" demo would be put out, it makes me wonder if they know the game is bad and they don't want to lose all those hype-based presale orders.

I really hope it's a good game, it has so much potential.

jeseth4154d ago

Don't your time with Prototype.

If it was a great game they'd be sending copies everywhere for reviews and exposure. No reviews, no demo. . . .

inFamous was a blast. I'm playing it through now as a bad guy. Being evil is WAY more fun than saving all those pukes in Empire City.

inFamous FTW !!!

deadreckoning6664154d ago

Why are u urging people to not bother with Prototype?? And how the hell do u know who got copies for review or not?? Maybe the reason the reviews are delayed has to do with oh i dont know..E3 PERHAPS! Look it already got two 9/10 reviews and everyone has been overly positive towards it. I believe itll be the sht, but lets wait till 2morrow shall we? I actually heard a kid in the forum say that IGN gave it an 8.8 and then took the review off suddenly. He could be full of sht, but an 8.8 sounds just about right for this game.

jeseth4154d ago

usually when games don't allow early reviews or demos they result in average ratings at best. Plus I had already played infamous and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the genre.

Sorry if you took it so serious!

raztad4154d ago

I'm worried about this game. It's gonna be released in two days and no a single review thus far. Before inFAMOUS's release it was getting media exposure but now after E3, it slipped seriously under the radar. Very bad timing to do a release with people talking about E3 games.

deadreckoning6664154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

I have alotta faith in this game. PSW UK, a Playstation mag, gave it a 9 outta 10. But heres the kicker, they blantantly said that they would go with Prototype over INFAMOUS.

Link: http://www.computerandvideo...

Keep in mind that this is a PLAYSTATION MAG

khrisnifer4154d ago

It made the whole crowd go 'woahh' every few minutes when the Radical guy did like an elbow drop or a devastator.

Assasins Creed, GTA 4 didn't have demo's either - do you know how much work it is to make a demo when the deadline is coming?
trust me it's insanely cool fun if you like action games.

rbluetank4154d ago

Toys R Us is giving away a free $20 gift card with every purchase of Prototype. The offer is good in-store only and will expire on June 13th. i have never heard of a new release game from $59.99 cut to $39.99 on same day released. this game is suppose to be epic. i will definitely wait to see on this game... you can check toys r us website for conformation of what i just stated....