"I'm amazed we're allowed to make it for Wii," says Scarface developer

Okay, so the actual quote was, "I am amazed we're allowed to make a game like this for Nintendo Wii," to avoid the risk of misquoting Jason Bone, Lead Combat Designer on Scarface at Radical Games speaking to Games Radar as he demoed the game to GamesRadar recently.

But the message is pretty clear either way you read it - the Scarface Wii team has absolutely no intention of toning down the ultra-violence in the "family console" version of Brian De Palma's apocryphal film.

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Odiah4309d ago

Amazed that Nintendo allows lazy devs lke you to keep making half assed ports for it's console.

ItsDubC4309d ago

Well-said Odiah. Given the lower cost of developing Wii games, I'd like to see some creative but original releases from 3rd-party devs for once. It's still fairly early in the console's lifespan tho I suppose, but I've heard that standard Wii dev kits are still being finalized and that Nintendo doesn't have a lot of them to go around.

MK_Red4309d ago

"Scarface", "MK Armegeddon"... even "No More Heroes" still... Wii is a "child console", ratio of M rated games to T&E titles is 1 to 1000.

ItsDubC4309d ago

I don't think having less M-rated games affects a console's appeal. If it did, the DS wouldn't be outselling the PSP by almost 2 to 1.

Shaka2K64309d ago

And it continues nintendo wii is only for kids.

techie4309d ago

Make it for wee? You mean they're not being paid in money? I bet they have some kind of way of using urine as fuel...

Sorry...they named it Wii for a make evrey sentence using it sound stupid :)