E3 '09: Aliens vs Predator Developer Walkthrough HD

ThEvolution Network got a chance to get up close and personal with Rebellion's new and exciting first person action shooter, ALIENS vs PREDATOR. Lead Designer Alex Moore walks us through some gameplay levels and shows off many of the dynamic features which will be at your disposal once this title is released early 2010.

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M4I0N33883d ago

wow looks amazing but i dont like the way the predator leaps, its not fluid enough. Should be as fluid as prince of persia at least (the way he leaps from platform to platform)

ASSASSYN 36o3883d ago

I think the leap is messed up too. The PC version had two leap modes short jump and power jump for high places. And those two wrist claws looks gay.

Tsar4ever013882d ago

What did that guy say? The alien are smarter now so they won't confront the predator single or except in groups? What kind of Bullsh*t he's smoking? An alien would shred a predator's ass in single combat if it wasn't for the tech and weapons. It's a DAMN shame ever since James Cameron "ALIENS" has DUMBED down the alien into a stupid drone that exist only to serve the whims of the queen and expansion of the HIVE. The alien from Ridley Scotts version has been completely abandoned. His version of the alien was much more sophisticated, exoctic, mysterious and THAT MUCH MORE terrorfying. It suppose to be the other way around. The predator is the one that should keep it distances from the alien and use it's weapons and tech. Because It's smarter and knows that it would rip it's ass to shreds in a 1 on 1 scrap.