Understanding Heavy Rain

Looking back at Quantic Dream´s last masterpiece, Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy for the Americans), really gets me excited for their highly anticipated next game - Heavy Rain. Fahrenheit was definitely a fresh and revolutionary step for the gaming industry. Not only did it deliver a unique gameplay experience but even today is it still known as one of the most emotionally immersive games ever made.

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Mindboggle3422d ago

Well im glad someone wrote this, as ive been watching all these trailers and I havent the slightest idea of what the hells going on or why..

PeterPanParadox3422d ago

I have played Fahrenheit and if this article is accurate then I will definitely be buying Heavy Rain. I loved Fahrenheit.

Charlie26883422d ago

Watch this it will give and idea and the core concept of the game and how it works

PeterPanParadox3422d ago

Thanks, Charlie.

I can´t believe I have never seen that before!

beardpapa3422d ago

As much as I love Indigo Prophecy (farenheit) and of course I'm looking forward to Heavy Rain, I really hope they don't have those crap Simon-Says mini games in there. They're really annoying and just too much of em.

SnuggleBandit3422d ago

the girl in this looks just like jeniffer connelly??? the chick from "the day the earth stood still"

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ThatCanadianGuy3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

By far my most wanted title.Sorry drake, kratos, etc..

This game is right up my alley in terms of what i want out of a game.
Emotions, grounded story, believable characters.

Check out the E3 trailer of it on PSN if you haven't all ready.Shows off a few new characters, some gorgeous new stages (like a mall with hundreds of people on screen) Looks great so far.And Quantic dream hasn't even started polishing the game up yet !

*Possible spoilers* *Stop reading* *OMG WHY ARE YOU STILL READING!!!*




From the Trailer i got on PSN (Seen here)
i think one of the other playable characters is actually the taxidermist killer from that presentation at GDC last year (seen here)

And during the trailer (E3 09 trailer)

it shows a very familiar women @ 43-46 seconds you might remember her from the early tech demo

i assume she is his wife/girlfriend (Ex wife?) in heavy rain.Her performance in the link above would tie in nicely with his character.Anyways, just my two cents.Any other theories who the other characters could be? I'm dieing to know !

PeterPanParadox3422d ago

All but the last video id´s are malformed. :( Are you talking about the tech demo girl? I saw her in the E3 trailer, too. I think you may be onto something!

HQLocated1113422d ago

Wow I just saw the trailer for this game on PSN, thanks to your comment, and my hype for this game just went from a 6/10 all the way to 11/10!! If you're not hyped for this game do what he said and GO WATCH THE TRAILER ON PSN!

Kenshinhimurasz3422d ago

Thanks TheCanadianguy420 i didn't see the gamespot interview yet and it gave a lot of information about the game. You should watch the Club demo its amazing, can't wait for this game. So many good game coming out for the PS3, Heavy Rain will be on top of my list for 2010

heroicjanitor3422d ago

It is a story you mould, and they are two distinctly different things. I can see the fun coming from panic at almost dying, but then huge relief if you escape at the final opportunity, can't wait for this game!

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MrN3422d ago

I liked their last game, so I'm very much looking forward to Heavy Rain. =)

Nelson M3422d ago

The BoTs Will Never Understand !!!

Gue13422d ago

That's why they are called bots! They only have one function, fallow M$ without doing any questions.


Kenshinhimurasz3422d ago

yeah this game is amazing, its more for the mature audience and most of the gamers on xbox are kids anyways, so i don't blame them for not getting it. Coming out early next year i can't wait >.<

-MD-3422d ago

How can you tell most gamers on PSN are adults when nobody has a mic?

red2tango3422d ago

This is going to be a sleeper hit unfortunately because of the install base and lack of advertising...too bad...still gonna be an amazing game though!

dogmeat eater3422d ago

lots of people are excited for this game.

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