Is Valve Afraid Of A Challenge?

Game Of Honor: 360 owners have little to complain over anything now-a-days. If anyone should start a boycott; it's PS3 owners. Ever since E3 put to rest, angry 360 owners complained that Valve showed poor faith in any downloadable content. Who wouldn't blame them? We were expecting the unexpected. But not only should Valve start supporting more of it's blockbuster titles but should start supporting Sony's Playstation more. Last year Valve's Gabe Newell remains unimpressed by the PlayStation and claimed it's hardware is to difficult and is a waste of time to develop for. But was that a good reason to show little or no effort in using the power of the Playstation? It looks like gamers of both world's from Microsoft to Sony can complain about something together.

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chaosatom3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Gabe Newell ate all the ps3 that they had, so valve has nothing to work with. :(

Nambassa3422d ago

lol yea hav u seen the pictures of him??! he's like a giant turkey!! lmao

PirateThom3422d ago

Valve aren't afraid of challenge. They're PC developers, the only reason the 360 gets Valve games is an entirely architectural reason.

Sonyslave33422d ago

Valve ain't afraid they just don't give a fvck about ps3.

Nambassa3422d ago

they couldn't be bothered as it is too hard to port games to ps3. WAT IDIOTS!! they should just make ps3 the lead development console and then port it to xbox 360, unfortunately this would probs make it look worse on pc. still, they should at least hav a go at the ps3. it is NOT a waste of everybody's time as Gabe says. he obviously has not played Killzone 2 or the Uncharted 2 beta!!

nightelfmohawk3422d ago

All they know is how to develop for the PC format and mostly only FPS games. I did like Portal, but that's about it.

TheMART3422d ago

Valve just doesn't like the PS3. If they port from the 360 version, the PS3 version is bad. If they take the PS3 as lead platform, the development costs are much higher because of its structure, plus the installed base on the PS3 is much lower, plus the fact that PS3 games don't sell that well compared to games on the 360.

Last but not least, L4D is an online game, Valve just likes XBL and its premium features. They probably don't want the free but not so great PSN.

3422d ago
Why o why3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

MS needs exclusive game studios anyway. These guys feel they should live off the source engine for like ever. Its tim to move on. Other devs are technically starting to leave them behind whilst they shine off their old game/tech of the year awards from HL2. People shouldt rest on their laurels. Win again, achieve again, push again, challenge yourself again