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Noodle Gamer Writes- 'Superhero video games notoriously turn out badly, barr a few exceptions. The problem developer's face is they are usually working on ridiculously tight schedules to coincide the release with a movie. Often cutting corners and rushing development resulting in a lackluster game. The other difficulty is the restrictions of the Superheroes themselves. Developers have to mould the game around the character, pre existing stories and concepts limiting them to what they can include in the game. infamous is different no movie tie-in and no pre existing concepts to adhere to, so the question is without these hurdles could Sucker Punch pull this off, by a creating a fresh believable Superhero game?'

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mario2man3423d ago

Do want to know what I have noticed there have been more inFamous reviews posted than any other PS3 games even Killzone2. Most of the reviews are from no name sites (noodle gamer???????). Any only 360 fans who want to reply to me go away. I never go in your areas and rant about how your exclusive is bad without playing it to you so don't do the same to me please.

Marceles3423d ago

SupaNoodles needs some hits

deadreckoning6663423d ago

Im a PS3 owner and I dont thk INFAMOUS is that good either...I mean its okay, but after seeing soo many PROTOTYPE vids, the violence, gore, variety, power,upgrade system, unbelivable amounts of freedom, amount of enemies on screens, explosions, massive destruction, f*bombs, DEVASTATORS. Srry man, but from what ive seen from people who have the game on looks 10 times more fun than INFAMOUS.

BTW: Do u have KZ2? Add me. PSN: deadreckoning666

3423d ago
Rifle-Man3423d ago

I just watched a few Prototype videos, it looks okay. Even though it initially looks very similar to Infamous I think they're going to end up being two quite different games.

Infamous is fun, I know that – I've beat it. As for Prototype, F-bombs, head crushing and stomping on cube trucks don't necessarily make a fun game.

I guess we'll see.

TradingWarStories3423d ago

Vice acting is really good thoug, and AI running is crap TBH. Zeke is weird, really. Im giving it a 7.5, I just wish it had lasted longer, I mean look at MGS4 best game ive ever played it lasted me a week and I didnt even do it on hard and I was playing it a lot. I completed infamous in 3 days... explains a lot doesnt it. I half blame the devs because of it being short but then again I love them for making a really good game.


That Red Faction Guerrilla a Saints Row clone, I know both are from THQ is incredible boring and had the same problems or worse than inFAMOUS and is receiving amazing scores. To me RF:Guerilla is the most overated game released this year and inFAMOUS is absolutely the most underrated. Dont believe I have both check my xbox live achievements!!


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