Examiner: Who won E3?

The Examiner writes: Now that E3 has come and gone, and a lot of great games are now on the radar of gamers everywhere, it's time to see who the winners and the losers are.

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Spike473447d ago

Like I said, it is based on opinion. IMO, Sony won because I want more games.

GWAVE3447d ago

Yeah, it's all opinion, in the end. After all, let's say that you're a hardcore Ninty fan...well then of COURSE Nintendo will "win" in your mind.

For me, Sony won because they showed off twice as many games and dropped twice as many megatons as the competition (new Kojima-directed MGS on the PSP, Gran Turismo 5, Gran Turismo PSP, God of War 3 live gameplay, exclusive Rockstar title on PS3, Last Guardian trailer, Uncharted 2 live gameplay which blew away the graphics of any other game, console-exclusive FF14, etc etc)

Chris3993447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

MS and Sony clearly had the strongest showings, as far as the majority of news-outlets and gamers were concerned (I'm not going to say whose was better, they were both pretty darned good for different reasons - and being a mutli-console owner I had news to be excited about on both fronts.

Nintendo, on the other hand, presented little to nothing that was unexpected. The Team-Ninja metroid game was about as interesting as it gets, and the Mario title (the 2D one, not the other dozen or so they announced) was kind of neat as well. The Wii Vitality monitor is an absolute joke. So much so that people reporting on E3 are glossing over the whole affair as if it never happened. And their attempts at capturing the "hardcore" with an already announced Wii RPG and another two DS RPGS - because ya know, there are hardly ANY DS RPGS /sarcasm - was particularly lame.

They are out of touch with the core gamer completely, but their business model isn't dependent on it so I doubt they care. I'm interested to see some of these more immersive, motion controlled, oft dreamed about hardcore games drifting to the HD consoles over the next year, now that the tech is being put into place on the PS3 and 360.