L4D Sequel Met with Much More than Indifference


"Whatever your view is of internet boycotts, Left 4 Dead might be the first critically acclaimed franchise whose announcement of a sequel was answered by nearly 10,000 fans pledging not to buy it.

Since the game was unveiled June 1 at E3, a Steam group called L4D Boycott (NO-L4D2) has assembled 9,742 members as of Saturday, and seems to be growing. Far from being enthused about a new game, they have nine complaints, most of which concern L4D2 obviating the need for, and undermining the value of, L4D1 - and just a year after the fact:"

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SaberEdge3473d ago

When the first game sold over 6 million copies, 10,000 people isn't much.

Eh, who cares? I'm buying it. Let those people deprive themselves of a good game.

gamesmaster3473d ago

i think the issue is that valves games usually have a large mod community following which valve themselves usually support well, since l4d provided an amazing platform for which mod makers could build upon, i think people are feeling like that community is being dumped now, but i'm sure l4d 2 will use that same source engine so there's no need to fret. (i hope)

Anon19743473d ago

I had no idea it was doing that well on the PC. I know it hit 2 million on the 360, but 6 million even between the 2 platforms is quite a remarkable feat.

Personally, I missed out. I don't use XBL anymore, and my PC is woefully underpowered. As I do most of my gaming on the consoles now (I simply gave up constantly upgrading my PC to keep up) I do my online gaming via the PS3. It's fast, lagfree and free, just what I used to have on my PC. If Left 4 Dead ever came to the PS3 I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Valve's loss, I guess. It's not like there's a shortage of games to play.

SuperM3473d ago

If you buy the game you basically tell valve that its ok to milk their franchises. Its ridiculus that they had Left4Dead in development for like 3 years or more and then 1 year later they are releasing Left4Dead2 even though the first one was lacking in content. Chances are Valve held back content from the first game to finish it off and then decided to put it in a sequel potentially doubling their revenue.

Sarcasm3473d ago

So they sold 4 million copies on Steam?

Where in the world did you get 6 million from?

SaberEdge3473d ago

I apologize guys. I should have checked that number. I knew it had sold several million and in the other thread I heard some people mention 6 million so I assumed that was what it must be. Not a good idea to assume anything. Sorry.

Anyway, I don't think it changes the point much. Like a lot of boycotts many of the people involved in the boycott will end up buying the game anyway, once they see how much fun it is going to be.

snipermk03473d ago

L4D sold six million copies and santa clause killed JFK. We all know that..

xabmol3473d ago

Santa is a bildaburger?

I new something about that guy just didn't seem right.

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braane3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

When I buy a game, I buy it for face value. No matter what has been promised I don't buy it for what may happen, if the original game isn't enough then it isn't worth it. So instead of everyone whining, why don't they man up for their mistakes. A lot of titles have had promised content that never showed up. Take it with a grain of salt when it's promised, and buy your games carefully knowing that what you get is all that you should expect.

So to all of the people complaining about L4D2... grow up you babies.

SuperM3473d ago

So they are babies because they actually complain when Valve tries to rip of their customers? Better let Valve know when they f'ck up then just sitting there watching as Valve goes from a quality developer into a milking cow.

People waited for years for Left4Dead to finally come out. When it did it was a great game, but it was very low on features. So now valve has suddenly made enough content for another game even though its less then a year since the first one came out. The gameplay is exactly the same so how in hell they can call it Left4Dead2 and keep a straight face is beyond me. Its content held back from the original game, total ripoff.

snipermk03473d ago

cos you're a stupid console gamer. Its the PC gamers that feel cheated. Valve has NEVER let down their customers. And this is the first sign of them actually milking us. So, stop being ignorant if you don't know the other half of the story.

The reason the game even got a good score was because most reviews mention something along the lines of, "the game is lacking in content but knowing valve as we do, we're sure they'll bring much more to the table".

evrfighter3473d ago

Just because you spread your cheeks willingly doesn't mean pc gamers will.

PC gamers unlike console gamers will remember what's promised to them. If that promise is broken, pc gamers unlike console gamers aren't afraid to speak up and attempt to do something about it.

Traveler3473d ago

I tend to agree. I think they are making a mountain out of a molehill.

Revvin3473d ago

I'm buying it too and I only bought the first game a few months ago and I've had my money's worth out of it.

TheBand1t3473d ago

Whatever, man. Valve had at least better be putting that money together to make HL2: Episode 3 one of the most memorable games ever.

TheBand1t3473d ago

So you disagree guys don't want Valve to put their money into making HL2: Episode 3 into one of the most memorable games ever?

.....That doesn't make sense. At all. :/

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