Watch celebrities play with Project Natal at E3

Sports and web celebrities got hands-on time with Project Natal at E3 this week.

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chasegamez23889d ago

give me a controller
nobody going 2 play burnout with that
maybe for 10 mins

40cal3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

To show a racing game with this tech. Nothing is realer than a steering wheel in your hands, your feet on some pedals, a clutch, and some force feedback for racing games. I am sure that is how my car and truck are set up, hell even my riding mower works the same way.

XLiveGamer3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

"1 - fuc that sh!t
give me a controller
nobody going 2 play burnout with that
maybe for 10 mins"

Fnck that sh!+ give me a control ? How about "Fnck your stupidity how about a brain moron" Of course Natal read your whole body movement but there is no doubt they will give you a damn control so you can hold it in your hand while at the same time do body movements.

Come on all of you morons complaining about this. This can easily have the same features of Eye Toy and Wii Control merged with Natal and what is p!ss!ng a lot of PS3 gamers is that you dont need a control but they can implement it in the project to.

Now everybody imaging Elder Scroll OBLIVION in this!

In 1 hand The Shield and in the other hand the sword and at the same time you have wraped on each hand a control just like the nunchuk from wii and with them you can move forward and turn your character. Now imaging morons! Now tell me the eyetoy is better!

Bill Gates3888d ago

You STUPID BABOONS fall for everything because you're all too blind to see the real truth.....AHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAH

Gue13888d ago

PS2 eye toy (some boxing game) =

PS3 eye pet =

Now go look for some Eye of Judgment!

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knox3889d ago

uh.......these celebs dont mean much to me, i think its funny that miyamoto was trying it out

40cal3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Though it is always cool to see Sugar Ray out and about. Lethal hands on that man.

Project Natal's tech is cool. But its going to be the software that makes or breaks this deal. I would rather see this tech lead to a new genre of games then play something like Burnout with it.

Lets face it for driving games nothing can feel more real than having a steering wheel in your hands and pedals under your feet with some force feedback.

Laughing my ass off watching the Felicia Day video. Just LOL.

Still interested to see what kind of future project could be possible with this.

saggyscrote3888d ago

Cringeworthy watching them. They seemed to be really over acting.
This is just the same as the lame PS eye.

happyface3888d ago

the kickball game went from looking retarded to looking like stupid fun based on these videos

the Burnout demo looks like its working surprisingly well too

Sarcasm3888d ago

I don't know what you guys were watching, but it did look like fun. The only problem is that you can clearly see there's some lag issues, looks like about 1 second or so.

TheBlackSmoke3888d ago

Marketing at its finest, cant blame MS for trying to show they actually have something worth talking about at this years E3.

actas1233888d ago

u mean it did look more like acting than fun. Typical american marketing

xwabbit3888d ago

Funny how they need 2 pay celebs to play natal lol

3888d ago
3888d ago
snipermk03888d ago

OBviously the actors are paid. Do you think anyone will say things like.. "its sooo cool, you feel like playing skateboard and dodgeball" and stuff just after 3 mins of play time? Be a little more sensible people.

7ero H3LL3888d ago

......whoa, that can help many stay thin, not to mention it can help build a social environment.

i wonder what other games you can play on this thing

i hope doge ball isn't going to be something like this :P

natal seems to look cool.

TradingWarStories3888d ago

Firstly wtf is up with that thing on the back of Rodriguez when he jumping around/bending down. It definetely is not a mic adapter(dont know what they're really called) because the sound quaity is too crap.

Secondly Natal is going to suck and so is the motion control on the PS3. Just carry on making exclusive games like Killzone2, Infamous, MGS4 and multiplats like COD4 and I will be happy.

cherrypie3888d ago

I'm calling it right now: Sugar Ray's Natal Boxing and Paul Rodriguez's Natal Skateboarding.

One or both at Natal Launch. Write it down.

3888d ago
40cal3888d ago

Bubbles for being hilarious, LOL

ThichQuangDuck3888d ago

Although seeing it used in burnout paradise is nice. I want to see it in hardcore games like incorporated into tom clancy games, hitman and call of duty modern warfare 1 and 2 would be interesting to see. Mainly for me to be excited they have to confirm on some games im going to play for a while not handball, considering the camera is already rumored to cost 200$ it better be in just about every game

masterg3888d ago

This why I think Natal was the right move for MS. Even though it's just a rip off of the PSeye.

This targets the Wii audience. Sony's motion controller targets us "Real" gamers. Which is great for us, but I don't think it's great for sales.

Mindboggle3888d ago

Anyone else think Don Mattrick has got one of those faces you just wanna punch ???

Gam713888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )


So this despite using all different tech is a rip off the eye toy?
If you're going to use such bad logic like that then you should say the eyetoy it a rip off a webcam with software, or the dreameye but that would be true.

And how is this going after the Wii's audience but -$ony's motion controller, a direct rip off the wiimote isn't?
Spin Spin Spin.

This uses full body motion without the need for any physical controller to be used but the -$ony uses a Waggle stick and you think it's just M$ going after the Wii's audience?
Funny how the SDF ridiculed the Wii's motion controller as a fad but now they have their own it's the greatest thing ever?
Did -$ony PR tell you that?

Tarasque3888d ago

If you people are going to say it is a rip off of the PSeye then you need to say it is a way improved rip off of the PSeye. Most of the things i see natal doing i have not seen done with the eye.

djevolve4203888d ago

Just buy a xbox and natal and you won't be talking all the bs.
your mad b/c the technology is awesome and you don't have it on your console.
just like me wishing god of war was on xbox 360 but i'm not going to down the game, the game looks awesome.

just admit this is ground breaking and is going to sell through the roof, whether you like it or not.

this site is mostly sony fans, so the real public don't care or even know about this site. they just see a awesome tech that needs no controller and is voice recognized.

o yea and ms pays everyone, including my grama for every good note said.
come on. get a life.

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Real Gambler3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Now, I want to see this in a smaller size room. Most living room are not that large.

happyface3888d ago

this is amazing marketing, really shows off how this is a new experience compared to waggle wands

on release if MS can market it this well it has a chance of actually competing with wii

snipermk03888d ago

don't worry about M$ marketing. They'll have project natal tatoo'd onto the butts of every beach ball chick and lasered into the moon.

KruLLit3888d ago

It won't work in my apartment, that's for sure.

KionicWarlord2223888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

I like to watch felicia day move...But that was pretty cool.
Seems like they were having fun.


ah i see Don Mattrick ...all smiles.

chaosatom3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

The dodge ball game looks pretty trivial mini-game.

The driving looks fun, but it looks like it could be tiring. I wonder if you can sit down and do the driving.