SFX-360: Bomberman '94 Review

SFX-360 writes: "By Jon Venture We all know you can't say "bomb" on an airplane, regardless of what Mr. Focker says. It causes fear, incites chaos, and will likely result in a federal marshal giving you the ol' reach around with an oiled glove. Now, on the Wii we have another story. If someone were to say "bomb", or more precisely, Bomberman, giddy little fans everywhere will erupt in a collective cheer. Yours truly is no exception, especially when I played the new download for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, Bomberman '94. Available March 23, 2009 on the Wii Shop Channel for 700 Wii Points, Bomberman '4 is a port of the beloved 1993 Turbographx-16 title of the same name in which we lead Hudson Soft's beloved hero through a series of maps and lay down bombs to take out enemies and open new paths. The concept is simple enough, and the maps are merely recycled crossword grids filled with bricks and baddies, but this title should not be overlooked still..."

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