Halo 3: Odst Screeshots

A new galery for the next Bungie title

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ShadesMoolah3419d ago

The site admin here really need to fix up on the people who are approving these stories.

What the hell are 'screeshots'? And the correct title for the game is Halo 3: ODST because it's an acronym. Orbital Drop Shock Trooper.

Come on guys, you should know better.

tootiFrooti3419d ago

click the link; screenshots are on the same page the link takes you to. what's the prob?

ShadesMoolah3419d ago

The spelling is terrible. This is an English website for English reading viewers. If you can't get the basics right, then don't post. If you're foreign, then use a bloody spell checker.

Galery - is supposed to be gallery.

Screeshots - is supposed to be screenshots.

A lot of people here are approving topics merely to boost point scores, and not checking the actual content. Which in this case looks like it has been written by a 4 year old. Enough said.

JokesOnYou3419d ago

ODST will be a blast. Although its the same Halo3 engine the game is looking much better too. Bungie never dissapoints.


Deadman643419d ago

I agree...seems like the tweaked up the engine a little.

Ldubbz3419d ago

Trust, you have to see it in action too. I got to play the Firefight mode for 10 minutes at E3, and its awesome. The control is extremely tight. Definitely looks to be some tweaking graphically as well.

I cant remember the name of the visual system you have in the game, but it looks great. Instead of a flashlight or night vision, it seems to crank up the exposure and then gives you a visual identifying outline, kinda like GRAW, showing enemy or friendly.

Fans of Halo have much to look forward to.

i3eyond the Circle3419d ago

Not bad looking at all for an Open World 4 Player Co Op game.

raztad3419d ago

Not bad not good either, average. MAG looks better, and some fanboys call it poo forgetting it is a 256 player game. Not impressed at all with Bungie.

Ldubbz3419d ago

MAG? Hahaha...look better than Halo?! Have you actually seen the game in action?

I did, and it looks OK at best. but its definitely not up there with Halo, Flashpoint, COD, or L4D2. When you see the game, you can tell that top-notch graphics wasnt there goal though, so Im not mad at them.

mastiffchild3419d ago

I wouldn't go that far Raz. I'm srill of the feeling that Bungie could, and perhaps should have done more with this and the original release of H3-to me the jump from H2 into the HD era hasn't really been that noticeable-hell I'd take Halo2 SP over Halo3 at any time if I'm honest but I guess I'm odd!

To me ODST with it's opun world really offered Bungie the opportunity to change things up gameplaywise even if I realised the gfx might take more doing. Free from the known restriction of having to, yet again, reinvent playing as MC but not losing what made it great in the first place in this game should have left us with bingie bringing us a whole new experience that happens to be set in the Halo universe. I , sadly, see little evidence of it happening as this is still very Halo indeed to my eyes.

Yes, I'll play it, hell, I'll no doubt enjoy it too BUT will it have anything like the impact on me that the first games did? Nlot a hope, sadly. Bungie seem a ;ittle too scared to mess with what they made great in the first place and as a result I think Reach would possibly be better off with another xdev and Bungie with a really fresh challenge. I'm not disappointed as such-just a little frustrated that the evolution of a great series has been allowed to stall even though the ideal opportunity was there to alter things dramatically.

I say I'm not disappointed as I know Bungie will still make a Halo game that plays well and the mp stuff will still be excellent-it's just that the feeling of shock and awe is missing and to bring it right back maybe drastic surgery rather than refusing to mend what isn't broken was needed. Hopefully my impressions of ODST are wrong and it'll be an incredible and fresh experience it's just that what I've seen looks like it plays pretty much like it always has.

Xi3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

The fact they removed complete regenerating health from the game is proof enough that they have made an extremely different game.

Similar to halo 1, but not quite as forgiving. If you take too many hits, you go into a redzone that wont recharge without getting some sort of medical aid. (halo 1 it would even at 1 bar left)

Why is this so important?

Well, the nature of the game is no longer the same. If you're low on health and there's no health nearby, you will have to play the game more tactically and avoid conflict as much as you can, something you never had to do in the other halo titles. In the originals you could just take your cover and wait for it to recharge, run out guns blazing.

Combine this with the fact you take a lot more damage from attacks, you can't use equipment, you can't dual wield. All of this implies that the game is taking a very different approach. What I'm most excited to see if the game has as much of a strategic presence that was lost in halo 2 and 3. In the original, there was much more of a rock paper sissors contest with weapons. Human weapons were best on the flood while the covenant weapons were best on other covenant.

Finally I hope that stealth has a major benefit to the game, I'd hate for it to just be an 'option'.

JokesOnYou3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Awwh you sound so depressed. lol nah but seriously I totally disagree with you about Bungie and Halo3, and it sounds like you're half interested in playing ODST. I love the game for what it is, there was so much more that Bungie did within Halo3 compared to Halo2, but in enssence its STILL A HALO GAME, I don't want it to mimic other shooters because I will likely play all those shooter too but theres something special about Halo franchise and myself and millions of Halo fans are glad Bungie give us more but stays true to their formula. I think alot of people confuse the lack of graphical leap with being stagnant and imo thats far from the truth. Again, maybe you're just not into Halo all that much anymore, sometimes you just got to know when its time to move on, I hope Bungie keeps it "fresh" with ODST but I hope at its core it feels very much like Halo.


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Cajun Chicken3419d ago

Not bad, about the same level of graphics as Resistance 2.