VM Hands-on: ArmA II

VM: "If you hadn't worked out by now, ArmA II is going to be an absolutely colossal game – and I've not even mentioned all the standalone missions, challenges and playing modes that exist outside of the main campaign, nor the powerful editing tools that are eagerly awaited by ArmA's online communities. If you're not familiar with Bohemia's work, the sheer mass of detail can be a little bit off-putting, but if you're even vaguely interested in the idea of playing soldiers, you should take a look.

Screenshots really don't do justice to the way the game looks in action, where the painstakingly accurate graphics result in something that looks frighteningly real. They certainly don't do justice to the unbelievably tense experience of the game itself, the fraught action and the sheer panic that kicks in when someone starts to shoot at you."

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