Quantum: PS3's answer to Gears of War?

During Sony's press conference the company had a fairly long sizzle showcase video where all of the upcoming PS3 games were shown in a flash of lightning. A small snippet of Quantum was shown in the video, but the game was surprisingly missing from the actual conference presentation. However, Tecmo did highlight the game as one of its showpiece titles during its press release.

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OmarJA3878d ago

This game really looks great, the graphics is incredible i like the art direction & the atmosphere...

& the gameplay mechanic is defiantly better then the one in Gears of War.

qface643878d ago

heard about the game but never looked into maybe i should take a look at it and see what all the talk is about

Megaton3878d ago

Wasn't that the whole point, to be the Japanese take on Gears? I like how it looks, judging by the new trailer.

Why o why3878d ago

this is a clone. With a tweak or 2 here or there. Im surprised that this is coming from a 3rd party though. Tecmo probably showed their concept to MS and MS started making calls to their lawyers instantly:)

Us ps3 fans should stay humble on this title especially the ones that dont like gears. Not saying this couldnt improve on gears Im just saying the art direction apart from mythical angle is very similar...even the movement. The different playing style of the female character is something fresh i suppose and id almost expect a different type of character in gears 3 after this.

dirkdady3877d ago

how can you complain it mixes Ninja Gaiden with Gears of WAr?