Infamous 80GB PS3 Bundle hits the UK

PlayStation Gamer UK Writes: "If there's one thing Sony UK like more than anything its bundling First party titles with a PS3 at no extra cost and today is no exception. Following on from previous bundles which included Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, Killzone 2, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and LittleBigPlanet we now have the 80GB PS3 with the rather excellent InFamous retailing at £299.99 in most stores now."

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Chris Hansen3424d ago

£299.99...Thats almost $500...
Aren't you better off just buying the console and game separately?

resistance1003424d ago

A Standalone 80GB PS3 retails for £299.99 here. Hense why this is a good deal.

PirateThom3424d ago

On, you can get the same bundle for £279.99, it's only £20, but a saving is a saving is a saving.

Szarky3424d ago

I'm curious what's the minimum wage in the UK?

Here in Vancouver, Canada we're at $8CDN = $7.15US = £4.48 an hour.

resistance1003423d ago

£5.73 if you live outside of london and its a bit more if you live in London.

cyberwaffles3424d ago

i wish i buy my consoles when bundles like these are released. i have the 80 gig with the same price as this (i think) and it doesn't come with a game. dammit.