Hands-on with Southpeak's FPS/RTS hybrid, Raven Squad (Joystiq)

SouthPeak's Raven Squad - which has dropped the Operation Hidden Dagger subtitle since last year - has a very interesting concept. Raven Squad, you see, employs a combination of real-time strategy and first-person shooter gameplay.

Players take control of two different three-man squads - two players can also command one squad each when playing online - as they fight their way through an enemy-infested jungle. The game can be switched from an overhead RTS view to a first-person view at any time, making the game very different from other shooters on the market.

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MGOelite3888d ago

this looks ok i suppose, i might give it ago

glennc3888d ago

this will be awesome if it is a quality game. i can definitely see some favorites done like this in the future. halo is half way there. dune would be pretty cool