Resolution: Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger review

Resolution writes: "Every voice provided is phoned in, bouncing every spoken line between cringeworthy and laughable. The graphics are shoddy, foliage looking worryingly plastic even after it's popped up randomly in front of you. And the mission objectives more often than not have you backtracking over the same small stages over and over. While it's clear Atomic Motion had a good idea, it's also clear they didn't have the means to execute it, and what we're left with is a game that falls short in every category."

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RadientFlux4360d ago

Awful, awful game... I gave it a rent a few months back and dialog and english translation were indeed cringeworthy. What made the game unplayable for me, was the linear nature of the maps.

What's the point of having strategy game where you control two teams when they just have to follow the same path.