1UP: Quantum Preview

Some have called Quantum a Gears of War clone, and there is little in Tecmo's E3 demonstration to dissuade those feelings of déjà vu. Artistic similarities aside though, the overall premise is fairly different: Quantum features a lone warrior named Syd (who, admittedly, bears a passing resemblance to Gears protagonist Marcus Fenix) who attempts to climb and ultimately destroy a living tower.

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interrergator3423d ago

im startin to get intrested in this game

Foliage3423d ago

How can someone consider a game a clone of a game, that is a blatant clone of another game? (quite confusing isn't it?) Why not just say Quantum is a clone of Kill Switch and skip the middle man?

Gears and originality do not go together in any possible way.

thebudgetgamer3423d ago

you riped off what i stole.


Honor_in_Armor3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Even Google sees this game as a GeoW clone and wants to advertise a program for other clone-making developers.