Destructoid: E3 09 - First look at Quantum

Destructoid: Tecmo is not known for its shooters, but the company is hoping that Quantum will get to change all that. Quantum is Tecmo's first third-person shooting game, and the alpha build I saw on the E3 showfloor seems to hold quite a bit of promise. Takine cues from Gears of War and Prince of Persia, Quantum should be an interesting game. I say "interesting" a lot in previews. It's difficult to come up with other "cautiously optimistic" words.

Anyway, hoof it to the jump and check out what I made of this interesting new game.

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dragonyght3886d ago

seem pretty interesting gameplay wise but can they deliver on story

cmrbe3886d ago

Graphics are already good but will improve. Temco stated that the game is only at 40% complete.

I agree with you. Story is the one i am most worried about.

Black Maverick3886d ago

Gameplay looks pretty good. Can definitely see the possibility for some Co-op. Voice acting needs some work, lol.

DEADEND3886d ago

The game play looks good but I think the graphic and story are going to be lame. But I really hope it turns out really good.

redsquad3886d ago

Hmmm, not really keen on the 'techno-organic' look to be honest, but if the gameplay gets good reports I might give it a spin.

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