Lost Planet 2 demo confirmed

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

"At E3, Capcom confirmed that a demo of Lost Planet 2 will be launched, for at least the PS3. The timeline for the demo and the retail release hasn't been established as of yet, nor was it clarified if the demo at E3 will be the one released."

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FrankFoxJaegar3888d ago

Game looks jaw dropping - from graphics to gameplay.

Beast_Master3888d ago

My excitement for this game has gone way up! 4 player co-op+ RE5 engine + RE5 director= SWEET. I have to say after E3 alot of games have me more excited... Just Cause 2.. Check that game out on GT you will thank me. Batman AA, I wasn't to excited for because I don't like sneek games typically but now it is a day 1 for me. Brutal Legend is one I added to the top as well.

On the other side, I must say, that I am not as hyped about MAG. I hope it sells through the roof, and Socom fans eat it up, but it is just not for me. I will stick to MW2. Bio-shock 2 looks like a rental along with Singualrity, and Wet.

3888d ago
chaosatom3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

The game is set to launch this November on ps3, 360 and PC.

Troll harder next time. I swear, he has to be the duplicate account of PP or something.

read this: The release date is the same regardless of when that is.

Mindboggle3888d ago

The demo was the reason I never bought the last one. And I think the same will apply with this one.

gaffyh3888d ago

@really duh - for God's sake how much of a retard can you be? There is nothing fanboyish about this article, but yet again you make it into a flame war.

STFU and GTFO ---> Open Zone

really duh3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

NOPE Capcom said winter of this year on G4 thats it. They were showing 360 footage in that one on one interview Sony had with the Capcom rep.

thereapersson3888d ago

Just report Really Duh as SPAM and move on. Stop replying to him!

FamilyGuy3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

I'm sorry, i know you're a hardcore troll and whatnot but where on earth did you get that nonsense from?

The PS3 version will not release at the same time as the 360 version True, unless the 360 version gets pushed back. BUT
Jack Trenton(?) himself said that "Lost Planet 2, set to release early 2010 on the Playstation platform"

SevWolf3888d ago

@ really duh...that was 360 footage!!yay as a fanboy I feel so much better, and I know that was the 360 version through my mind-reading techniques which agent VX and why dis taught me so that w could all be happy fanboys together...YAAAAAAAAAAAAY/s
Get a life man

theEnemy3887d ago

deserves an awesome sound system.

The sound of Lost Planet 1 was outstanding.

So if you don't have one, do yourself a favor and buy a neat sound system!

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shadowfox3888d ago

I'm still on the fence, Lost Planet did a lot of things wrong... Hopefully they can smooth it out in the sequel.

Why dis3888d ago

They didn't show the PS3 version at all during E3 and in April Capcom said they have not even started on any other console version.

“We're only working on the 360 version of Lost Planet 2 right now”

Unicron3888d ago

You mean like how Square said that the 360 edition of FFXIII wouldn't even begin development until the PS3 edition ships? Weird, the 360 edition was at E3. By your "logic," that footage was also fake and taken off the PS3 edition.

Don't believe that PR BS. Games are in development long before they are announced.

Gue13888d ago

If I were you I would try to find a better source than whatever site you have there...

ultimolu3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Lol, you sound like you're gonna cry.

Capcom could have been working on the PS3 version for all we know.

shadowfox3888d ago

How is it fake? The article didn't say the PS3 version was there... All it said was that a PS3 version demo would come eventually.

MetalGearBear 3888d ago

xbox360 owner already beg on next MGS (MGSR)
it not fake!!!!!! u just mad. it ok.
let go out of angry.

-MoOkS-3888d ago

Don't bother Dis, they don't listen to factual evidence.

They think their perception is reality LOL!

rhood0223888d ago

Begging for a deal or not doesn't take away from the fact it's coming to the PS3.

But kudos on the backpedal/spin job.

I mean, you went from saying that news of a demo was fake because Capcom said they weren't working on a PS3 version, to posting news stories backing up your belief, to begrudgingly recognizing that it was coming YET doing so in a back handed manner. All within one post.

That takes talent.

digger183888d ago

Just like you do Mooks.

Hey I just looked at your profile and your achievements are at 0 for the 360. Are you sure you have one?

MetalGearBear 3888d ago

article is from
it P S 3 c e n t e r

how u blind!?

ultimolu3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

digger, -MoOkS- is a professional liar. He doesn't own any consoles. All he does is stir up one argument after the next.

EDIT: You can't seem to prove me wrong, can you -MoOkS-? Show me a picture of you owning a PS3 and a 360 and I'll consider that maybe, just maaaaybe you play games.

And accusing me of multiple accounts? Where's your proof? You're getting disagrees because people are sick and tired of you ruining both the Gamerzone and the Openzone.

-MoOkS-3888d ago

Why would I put my main account on my profile?

I don't want fanboys messaging me or sending friend invites to my main accounts.

@Ultimolu - Your good at making assumptions arent you.
Now go troll on your other accounts and disagree with my comments.

Jeromejones3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

why Dis 'the shady way it was dealth with at E3'??!!

No u silly hoe, thats because sony doesnt scream to the world and brag about bagging a game which will also appear on a competitors system unlike a certain company you'd sacrifice your life for.

mrmikew20183888d ago

sorry to bust your bubble, but they announced it at Sony's conference that Lost Planet 2 is coming to the PS3

swiftshot933888d ago

lol, I guess you haven't seen the video on the playstation blog. Lost Planet 2 is coming to PS3 buddy, and Capcom brought a build of the PS3 version with them and had an exclusive interview about the game.

Ju3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Is the official sony blog good enough for you ?

(oh, see above. That's the link in case anyone missed that).

really duh3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

People already seen that. He said it won't be inferior this time after being asked thats all.

We'll see if the PS3 version matches the 360 version despite what he said.

The Sony Dude said after the first one finally came to the PS3 after a year it was inferior and asked if that was going to be the case this time and the capcom dude said gamers have nothing to worry about. Whats that have to do with a Demo?

Mindboggle3888d ago

Jack Tretton announced lost planet 2 PS3 at the Sony E3 conference you fools.

SevWolf3888d ago

@ really duh, WOW you managed to try to start another arguement that has nthn to do with what the idio*t why dis said, he said that it was fake and that its still an exclusive for the 360, with around a month old news, then Ju proved him wrong, and now you wanna start an arguement that the 360's version is gonna be better , well fine here quote me on this, the 360 version is gonna be MUCH better...happy now can you take yourself and all of your accounts( I mean really duh 2, is that how creative you can get) and GTFO

really duh3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

You think somebody in this article said it isn't coming to PS3?

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raztad3888d ago

Graphics are a bit more than just good, indeed are really good. In other thread I said this one looks better than any game showed in Ms conference. I'm watching it again, and I noticed that fire, particle effects are a bit weak, but nonetheless it's pretty close to KZ2.

Gameplay-wise I expect Capcom has learned the lesson from the first installment. I'll keep my eyes peeled on this one.

enjoi1873888d ago

i dont know man game stop has it for pre-order on the ps3......