MCV Interview - Football Crazy - 'It's time to stop bad-mouthing EA'

FIFA 2009 was an incredible hit for EA. The critics loved it and over ten million people bought it – so the pressure is on to make its sequel even better. Christopher Dring talks to FIFA producer David Rutter on what we can expect from FIFA 10…

Q: Can FIFA 2009 match the success of the last game?

A: The critical and commercial success of FIFA 2008 has put a lot of pressure on us for this new game, but I am fortunate that I work in an environment that lives and breathes on pressure. Everyday when I come into work everyone knows what is expected of them in terms of games quality.

It is going to be very, very hard, especially on our partners and families, but I am extremely proud and privileged to be doing this job. It does upset me that I used to be one of the people that bad mouths EA. But the fact that I am allowed to spend so much money on making good gameplay, without having to do anything gimmicky, to me speaks volumes of the work Peter [Moore] is doing and other people in the organisation. And that is doing what matters most to the fans, refining the game, innovating and putting in game modes that people want.

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