Koku Gamer: MotoGP 08 Review

Koku Gamer writes: "The racing genre is one just as varied as the vehicles it features – and no more specific is the motorbike racing scene. Unlike the more popular disciplines such as NASCAR, Formula 1 and the countless arcade and simulation titles, when it comes to motorbike racers, it hits a niche to be frank. More often than not, a game of such a style will appeal to people with a genuine interest in the motorsport, and due to its uniqueness, will deter casual gamers. MotoGP 08 however was set to change that, Capcom stating that its multi-tiered riding models would appeal, suit and attract both casual and serious racers alike. But was this enough to bring the game to the masses and revolutionize the genre?"

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Funqy3424d ago

The MotoGP games are very overlooked, nice review.

Cinotix3424d ago

Too many game sites criticize this series, while it's one of the best motorcycle racing series out there.