Global Agenda Preview at GI.n

From Sylvene, "Global Agenda is a new MMOG by Hi-Rez Games, an independent, self-funded company, I was proudly told. Using on the Unreal Engine 3, Global Agenda is set in the 22nd Century in a future Earth. Both an MMO and an FPS, the game occurs in a world of intrigue, infiltration and interrogation - the developers called it a "Spy-fi" reminiscent of the action-movie genre. Think the Bourne Identity or James Bond.

It looks slick; it looks polished; it looks bad-ass. The graphics are top notch, the animations seamless. My character ran, crouched, jumped, caught ledges, heaved herself up, knifed an NPC in close combat and did a moon walk when she danced. What about the game?"

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