In Pie Charts: who Won the E3 Conferences?

Gameplayer writes: "The wonderful thing about all of the E3 conferences (or indeed any important showcase speech) is that all of the topics of conversation are pre-planned into bite-sized, half minute blocks. Think about it. The respective games companies have the undivided attention of millions upon millions of consumers for a very set amount of time, once every year. This means that every minute counts, and therefore the whole showcase is meticulously assembled to ensure maximum impact, a set purpose, and to make sure no time is wasted on talking about giant enemy crabs.

Once you realise this fact, you realise that a presentation may also be meticulously disassembled into blocks of time and topic, and then thrown into a delicious looking pie chart."

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Sonyslave33425d ago

MS won again lol nothing to see here.

dktxx23425d ago

Why is it taking so long for your bubbles to go down?

LarVanian3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

You're right because it's a bunch of bullsh!t lol.
The Uncharted 2 demo was better than the entire MicroSoft conference.

KKanjiAnkh3424d ago

Nah Son

The M****F***** Pumkin Pie won.

anh_duong3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

who cares who won? only fanboys care. the rest look at e3 for games..

fanboys =/= gamers

and guess what: this artcile comes from gamplayer - the guys who are responsible for stoking fanboyism as much as anyone else.

all i care about are:

super mario bros 2
mario galaxy 2
splinter cell
alan wake
gow 2

the last thing i care about is which console won.

gameplayer please stick your head out of your ass as + live up to your name i.e. GAMEPLAYER

Freeze9523424d ago

You should be happy! All companies had a spectacular E3 conference, Personally as an owner of all 3 consoles, Microsoft's was the best in my opinion, It was entertaining (apart from Halo 3: ODST), humorous, highly anticipated, quick and enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, I just feel the other 2 companies weren't fast about E3 and spent too long on one topic. Nintendo only had SMG 2 and MP:PM in my opinion, nothing more.

Cyrax_873424d ago

Was it the new multiplat game they "stole" (which was never exclusive to begin with)?

Was it project N? A "gimmick" the Wii has had for years that always gets constantly bashed by 360 fanboys? Oh, it's on the 360 now, that's right...and we'll just ignore Sony's motion controllers.

Was it the awesome unannounced exclusives they announced? L4D2, Halo: Reach and Crackdown 2? These exclusives automatically being better then FFXIV, The Agent (it's Rockster North FFS), Mod Nation Racers (look at how LBP turned out) and The Last Guardian?

Or was it the huge megatone announcement of Facebook and Twitter being on the 360, something the 360 fans are going ape over. Also something the PS3's had since launch (web browser).

No, it's instant 1080P movies, something the PS3's also had since launch = Blu-ray.

So how did MS win again?

prunchess3424d ago

Without clicking the link I can tell you it'll be MS. barely ever conceal their constant pro MS bias.

Don't give these wasters a hit.

AKNAA3424d ago

How on earth did MS end up beating Sony at the live demo showing section?!?!? now thats bullsh1t! not to mention MS claim of instant 1080p HD movies?! No download. No waiting. simply click and watch. yeah right...

If that were possible even a couple years from now, I'd be amazed! so wouldn't that also mean full 360 games will be available at an instant click as well, since we all know that 1080p HD movies take up more space than video games??? hmmm, it kinda goes to show how ridiculous MS claims are...

Ghoul3424d ago

jup and even IF they manage a 1080p direct stream....

everyone forgets about the audio, you know i buy physical bluray media also for the excellent audio, and i wont buy or rent any highquality movie over the internet because of a very crappy audio quality.

that is a fact. and most forget about it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3424d ago

MS service is 1080p instant movies, no downloads, and the audio is 5.1. Cry about it all you want, spin in a circle untill your dizzy, but thats the way it is. The more you PS3 fans live in denial about it the more you look like a blind fool. Maybe MS uses a new tech or even magic but its still 1080p 5.1. Now put your fingers back in your ears and continue saying "LALALALALALALALALA I CANT HEAR YOU LALALALALALALA"

PistolPumptMonk3424d ago

I suggest you familiarize yourself with the word "buffering." You will become very close friends in the near future.

Jdoki3424d ago

Bit of a simplistic outlook there, Jason 360.

Not all 1080p encoding is created equal, and the same goes for audio. Throw in network conditions and error correction and it'll be interesting to see what MS have done to ensure comparable quality to Blu-Ray or other HD formats.

You only have check the various AV forums to see the heated debate between the various HD audio formats - so a blase 'it's 5.1' won't cut it with many audiophiles. Same goes for the 1080p video encoding.

aldesko3424d ago

Read the article...

"Who won? Well, winning really is in the eye of the beholder."

Too true... 360-only owners will say MS won and PS3-only owners will say Sony won. In reality both companies did a great job.

Jockamo3424d ago

...I feel your pain...

FrankenLife3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Nothing says fun like a good chart or a graph.

Oh and one more thing. compressed audio streamed =/= DolbyTrueHD in LPCM

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NachosWithCheese3425d ago

I love pies and charts... what a perfect combination!

qface643424d ago

you sir are making the most sense i finally understand E3 thank you

Bordel_19003424d ago

"Well, there you have it folks. A much better look at what went down during the various E3 conferences. Who won? Well, winning really is in the eye of the beholder. Do you prefer a whole host of video teasers? Do you like being shown your games via demo? Does a quick hello from Yoko Ono float your boat? It's all relative stuff, really. Rather than force our opinions on you, we encourage you to draw your own conclusions and make free use of the comments section below."

Foxgod3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

That dumb kid from the simpsons would have said:

I like games, but not so much anymore when they came on disc's, they hard hard to swallow, and when i break them to pieces they hurt my tummy.

Ralphie was disappointed that there where only a few DS games announced.

AuToFiRE3424d ago

ralph is the stupid kid, not the Belgian one

qface643424d ago

they make pie charts for this now too o.O

REbirth3424d ago

they have to...for the first MS (xbox) sucessful conference! i understand...would be nice a RRoD to appear in conference the windows got blue some years ago^^

not to mention that they now have 1080p videos!! omg ps3 is doomed

AuToFiRE3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Personally, I think the gamer won. this was an incredible E3, Sony had a lot of humor because of the leaked PSP Go and amazing gameplay that made you hear the audience orgasm at times, Microsoft had a good lineup and was able to show some new footage of upcoming games and lots of new features for the casual gamer, anda nice selection for the hardcore. Nintendo had a really nice lineup with the showing of some unique games and an accelerometer to allow higher precision for games that need it desperately