E3 Square Enix FFXIV Q&A Session

From Sylvene, "Square Enix invited some press members to an event the day after the SCEA announcement. As we lined up outside at the LA Convention Center, we speculated what it would be. Would it be more information regarding FFXIV? Yet, another surprise? It was a Q&A session with Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and Director Nobuaki Komoto of FFXIV Online.

Hiromichi Tanaka opened by clarifying the remarks made during the Sony Press Conference. Final Fantasy XIV Online will not be exclusive to the PS3, but will be released on the PS3 and PC platforms simultaneously. It will also be released globally across all regions in English, Japanese, French and German..."

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Mr_Controversy3423d ago

Next-Gen release please. No need for 2 FF's in 1 year! Omg, it's raining milk!

Raf1k13423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

apparently they are two completely different games so i don't see a problem with it to be honest.

if FFXIV is to be a sequal to FFXIII then i'd have a problem with it

edit: ill admit i would prefer that they put all their resources into making one amazing game and then the next instead of two games simultaniously

tda-danny3423d ago

Its a completely different development team work on FF14.

They are not, and could not, continue working on FFXI forever. This is their new project.

Nothing wrong with SE releasing 2 completely different games in the same year.

FamilyGuy3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I guess the name itself is being milked but it always has been and most have not disappointed their fans/consumers so who looses?

There's no problem in releasing these two in the same year simply because they cater to (mostly) different audiences. Not everyone that's interested in one is also interested in the other.

I'm interested in both though.

"put all their resources into making one amazing game and then the next instead of two games simultaniously"

I've heard that wish a lot when concerning squareenix but the thing is Square enix is a HUGE development company and it would be pointless/less profitable to put "all" of their resources in to one game at a time.

dxbstars3423d ago

so the game will come to xbox360 or not?

raztad3423d ago

It's insane someone is disagreeing with a question.

So far it is NOT. Probably Sony did something right this time, and got this MMO locked as a console exclusive. MS will try to bribe SE of course, not because it needs a mmo but because the FF name.

Raf1k13423d ago

atm, all i know is its going to be released on PS3 and PC next year.

after that, who knows

Pennywise3423d ago

Until the 360 gets it and everyone has to wait until 2012.

dxbstars3423d ago

the Disagree Baby Team, "this Game will come definitely on xbox360"

can i have some Bubbles now ?

Marcelles253422d ago

people disagree to quickly tell you no its not coming to the 360
not because they're disageeing with you lol

bubbles for you

FamilyGuy3422d ago

console exclusive but it seems only for 2010 and it is possible on 360 in 2011. I'm getting this from the way it was said at the conference.

"And I'm glad to say that the Playstation three will be the ONLY console to have this game /when it's released/ in 2010."

"when it's released" is big, word-play wise

Marcelles253422d ago

i think he said it was exclusive then through in the release date to inform people when it was coming out because i think that was the first time he said the release window during the press conference

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caffman3423d ago

as you are soooo fond of saying, its on PC so its NOT exclusive!

OmegaSlayer3423d ago

...well Coffman, that means that the only exclusive for 360 are Gears 2 and Banjo...

Marcelles253422d ago

its just on the PS3

second gears 2 is eventually come to PC just like the first one

the only games they have is Halo 3 and ODST lol

table3423d ago

wait a minute, so now games are not officially called exclusive when they are on the PC aswell?! I don't remember developers/producers saying that for all those 360 'exclusives'.

MK24ever3423d ago

They said Playstation 3 would be the only CONSOLE with FF XIV, it is correct since PC isn't a console "per-se".

ppl should pay more attention, including Hiromichi Tanaka.

caffman3423d ago

mines more powerful than my PS3

Cerberus_Hunter3422d ago

Jack said "PS3 Console exclusive when it launches in 2010."

360 owners still have a change to play it in 2011...i mean, were talking about Square-enix here...come on.

regardless to where we get to play FFXIV...My expectations a really high since this is SE's 2nd MMO and Old Republic looks good too. :)

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