Wii2 with HD - Inevitable

Don @ writes:

"In light of President Satoru Iwata of Nintendo Co. revealing that they are indeed working on the successor to the Wii, hardcore gamers are saying "it's about time"."

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qface643425d ago

judgement day is inevitable

ChickeyCantor3425d ago

Yeah well it was already confirmed by Iwata and Shig, that it was gonna happen anyway since their TV stations will soon go FHD.
Meaning that the mass will go out and buy new tv's to fit with their providers.

BYE3425d ago

Imagine Starfox or Metroid Prime in HD.


butterfinger3425d ago

would probably look pretty amazing in HD as well.

-MD-3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I'll probably buy a Wii after HD is available I don't feel like going back to SD games.

-King of N4G

qface643425d ago

do you seriously think this wouldn't sell if they made it?
all they gotta do is slap a wii fit on it and the masses will buy this like crazy

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