Spawn Kill Review: Star Trek D-A-C

Molotov Cupcake of Spawn Kill writes:

"With a franchise as mammoth as Star Trek, video game counterparts should effectively mirror the excitement and adventure that the movies and TV shows portray. Throughout the years there have only been a handful of truly fun and intuitive Star Trek games, and with the release of the blockbuster remake of Star Trek, another was released in order to maximize profits. Star Trek D-A-C, an Xbox Live Arcade title, is so lackluster that it barely deserves the attachment to such a recognizable license as Star Trek. Is it a first-person shooter? No. Is it a puzzler? Thankfully, no. Star Trek D-A-C is an isometrically-viewed space shooter that has no campaign options and can only be played with others, be it bots or real players via Xbox Live. That's where the trouble begins."

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ihaten4glol3423d ago

I just couldn't get into this game at all. Games with only multiplayer are so pointless, especially if they're XBLA-only.

tigresa3423d ago

Oh god yes, they lose relevancy to play in such a short time, why even make the game? They should have slapped a single player mode onto this to give it SOME kind of lifespan, regardless if it's short, since it is already nonexistant.

K-Tuck3423d ago

A sloppy and mediocre shooter based on the Star Trek series?! Sign me up!


theherp803423d ago

the screen shots make it look cool but it obviously didnt turn out. I think multiplayer only games are really risky. you really have to make sure everything in the game works well. No idea why they wouldnt make sure the controls were perfect b4 releasing the game.