Monado: Beginning Of The World JRPG announced for Wii by Nintendo

Nintendo just announced Monolith Soft (of Xenosaga Episodes & Baten Kaitos fame) is developing Monado: Beginning Of The World for the Wii. The company's E3 page indicates it's coming to North America.

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na-no-nai3424d ago

finally another rpg coming to the wii. gonna get it once it come out!!!

TheColbertinator3424d ago

Excellent.Monolith is such an amazing RPG developer

SpoonyRedMage3424d ago

Yay Line Attack Heroes was properly announced as well! Looks a bit kiddish but cool though.

On topic do you think it was wise of Namco to sell most of their shares to Nintendo?

Have you noticed how many developers for Nintendo are ex-Square employees?

phantomexe3424d ago

this game looks preety good too

Nugan3424d ago

Is there any chance whatsoever this will see release this year?

Probably not, but it would be great if it did.

Nintendo needs a 1st party title to fill the gap between when Wii Sports Resort is released next month and when NSMBWii is released late this year. A September/October release would be perfect, and Nintendo has inexplicably launched titles with less notic before (see: Excitebots).

Still, this game is clearly being dersigned for Japanese release first, so even if it makes it over there this year it will probably Q2 2010 before it's localized.